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PowerPoint Templates

Downloadable PowerPoint Files

These PowerPoint files have been created for use by district employees for presentations both within and outside of the district.

For the district, we have below both a PowerPoint template that has already had font styles added to it, a plain template and a presentation with text about basic district information.

Simply change the default slide master in PowerPoint to have the template pop up as your default template every time you create a presentation.

All location slides are blank slides and must be converted to a template  to have the template open automatically formatted (instructions here).

PowerPoint Files

plain template

download 114KB

template w/fonts

download 128KB

presentation w/text

download 198KB
Brookhaven download 93KB
Cedar Valley download 103KB
Eastfield download 92KB
El Centro download 106KB
Mountain View download 101KB
North Lake download 93KB
Richland download 38KB