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Student Bloggers Tell Their Stories About the Colleges of DCCCD

Betty Tuttass
​Blogger Betty Tuttass

She learned English later in life, but the now tri-lingual (and soon-to-be quadrilingual) Betty Tuttass eloquently expressed her love for North Lake College in a blog post earlier this year.

She says, “I find North Lake to be a place where I am able to learn, grow and succeed by being surrounded by caring peers, genuine professors and the most patient and understanding staff members.”

Betty is just one of the many exceptional students who have written posts for the DCCCD Student Information Blog. These student bloggers are enthusiastic about their college and their degree program, and they’re sharing that enthusiasm with current and prospective students via the blog.
Student Blogger Highlights
These are a few other stories the student bloggers have shared since the concept was introduced in spring of 2013.
·         Food and Hospitality student Alejandra Rodriguez shared her journey to attend El Centro, including her father’s initial reluctance to send her to culinary school.
·         Quirky writer Cherokee Bledsoe explained a typical day in her life as a Mountain View student in a way that so many students can understand.
·         Tina Tip, a Brookhaven student, explained why she’s pre-law and what she wants to do with her life.
·         El Centro graduate Stephany Cedillo wrote a touching thank-you note to El Centro and DCCCD upon graduation.