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​Use NBC Learn to Embed Videos Into Class Presentations

logo of NBC Learn
By Rick Rosen
DCCCD has made it easy to embed NBC videos, such as news clips, historic newsreels and more, into your class presentations. DCCCD subscribes to NBC’s video-streaming service, NBC Learn. Our subscription makes the service free for faculty, staff and students.
NBC Learn has thousands of two- to six-minute videos from the NBC News archives encompassing nearly a century of information. You’ll find videos from such programs as NBC Nightly News, the Today show, Meet the Press and Dateline NBC as well as programming from MSNBC, CNBC and Telemundo.
It’s easy to download videos from NBC Learn. Once downloaded, you can organize the videos into playlists, which can be shown to students. The service is fully integrated with Blackboard, so you can embed videos into class assignments. Or you can embed the downloaded videos into presentations such as PowerPoint.
How Are Other Colleges Using NBC Learn?
·         To give students access to archival video of historical events and documentary shorts. Students gain additional perspectives into recent historical and political events.
·         To introduce students to the challenges of evaluating mainstream media content and to discuss how media outlets approach complex topics.
·         To reinforce teaching. A Penn State economics senior lecturer showed consumer interest news stories as examples of microeconomics principles in action. One video was about products being sold in smaller packages at the same price; another took a look at prices for junk food.
Here’s How to Get Started With NBC Learn
1.    Sign in to eCampus
2.    Click on the “Browse NBC Learn” link under "Tools" on the left side of the eCampus page
3.    Browse categories on NBC Learn for a video
4.    Install the Offline Player on your computer. The Offline Player lets you view, organize and share your downloaded NBC Learn videos.
5.    Click on the video to play it or click on “Save” to save it to your playlist in eCampus. (Return to eCampus by clicking “Return to Blackboard” at top right of the NBC Learn page.)
You also can reach NBC Learn from the Library website.
Follow the step-by-step tutorials to embed videos in Blackboard (eCampus) and in presentations such as PowerPoint.
You can learn more from the video tour.