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Software Training Now Easier to Request

photo of employees at computer

This time of the year is known for “New Beginnings.” The DCCCD Software Training & Support Department introduces a NEW method that permits every DCCCD employee to request software training classes. The new process, which is in effect now, is a more direct and efficient method for requesting classes without going through a designated college/location training coordinator.  

Please follow the steps below to request a software training course from DCCCD Software Training & Support via our new Portal. 

NOTE:  All Class Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis, dependent upon the availability of the following:

  1. College/Location
  2. Training Room (including software setups)
  3. Software Trainer



  1. Go in to the Internet (from any Web Browser – IE, Google, Firefox, or Safari…) and log in to myPortal at (If you type in the URL at a later date, be sure to use https://").

  2. Under Software Training and Support (on the LEFT of the screen), click on Class Request Form.

  3. Once the form opens, complete the Software Training Request Form.

a.    Under Requestor College/Location, select your college or location from the drop-down box.

b.    Enter your User ID (abc1234 = your 3x4), which is your Username (used to log in your work PC)

c.    Enter your e-mail address

d.    Enter your supervisor’s name

e.    Under Class Request section, select your request from the drop-down box:

    • Select the Class Category

    • Select the Class Requested

    • Select Desired Training Location

    • Select the Desired Date

    • Select the Desired Time

f.     Type in any additional Comments pertaining to your Software Training Class Request (if needed)

g.    Click the Submit Button

If you wish to request more than one class, just repeat the process.

Questions?  Contact us at 972-669-6461.