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Three Steps to Becoming Your Department’s myPortal Expert

Eddie Middlebrook is a member of the Internet Publishing Team at the District Office.
​​Eddie Middlebrook of the Internet Publishing Team at District Office quickly became a myPortal expert.
​​By Eddie Middlebrook
We often fear the unknown, but it is rewarding to conquer our fears and go from novice to expert in any field. By following these three simple steps, you can be on your way to increasing your work productivity and collaborating with co-workers in a timely manner.
1.   Take the myPortal Intro class and myPortal Using Team Sites class. This can be done by logging in to myPortal. Next, navigate to the Employee Information Tab on the main menu bar. From the Employee Information Tab drop-down menu, click on Training & Development. Then under Software Training and Support (on the left of the screen), click on the Class Request Form. Once you are on the form, fill out the required fields and click “submit.” If you wish to request more than one class, just repeat the process.
2.   Practice makes perfect an expert. The best way to become comfortable with a product is to use it. A simple way to do this is by going through the 13 tips on the myPortal Quick Tips page on the district website. Here you can learn how to add your photo to your mySite, store and share documents and photos, request a team site and much more.
3.   Check out to sharpen your skills. Once you’ve accomplished the above steps, search the library for courses covering SharePoint 2010 (used to power DCCCD’s myPortal). Through, DCCCD employees have free access to more than 116,000 video tutorials taught by accomplished teachers and industry experts. To log in, from, click “Log In” at upper right. Next, in “Institutional URL,” enter Finally, you’ll see the DCCCD Online Services login page. Enter your online services ID (abc1234 — the same one you use to log in to office computers and email) and password. If you can’t log in to, you may not have verified your eConnect account. If you have trouble, contact your location IT department.
Learning something new can be a challenge, but by completing these steps, you will be on your way to being the myPortal expert in your department.