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That's Why I Like myPortal!

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By Georgeann Moss
Recently, I created an Excel document at home. (Remember, as a DCCCD employee, you can get Microsoft Office for your home for just $9.95 through the Microsoft Home Use Program.)
I had a vision for the Excel document’s format, but I didn’t know how to implement it.
Then I remembered that, the software training site, is available free to all DCCCD employees through myPortal. In less than five minutes, I logged in, pulled up, found the video training I needed, viewed it and fixed my Excel document.
Want to check out Just log in to myPortal and click on the tab that says “Tools.” You’ll find it between “Popular Links” and “My Bookmarks.”
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Georgeann Moss is district director of Internet publishing. This article originally appeared as a blog post on Find out how you can start a blog on myPortal that can be read by fellow employees.


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