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Is Water the Next Big Opportunity? Find Out

Nate Downey will be at Richland College June 27 and 28
Solar energy has grown from a tiny industry to an economic powerhouse. Will water harvesting be the next big thing?
Nate Downey thinks so. The entrepreneur and award-winning author believes that the water-harvesting industry will join solar energy as an economic engine driving us toward sustainability. As supplies of potable water shrink, providers of harvested roof water and storm water will have a huge and growing market. Can you have a role in the new environmental landscape?
Hear Downey talk about the future of water use at two appearances:
Both appearances will be at Sabine Hall, Room SH118, Richland College, 12800 Abrams Road.
There are a limited number of scholarships available for students and employees of the colleges of DCCCD. For more information, email or call Iginia Boccalandro at 469-554-9202.

More About Nate Downey
Downey is author of “Harvest the Rain: How to Enrich Your Life by Seeing Every Storm as a Resource.” He is an expert in both passive and active water harvesting systems as well as wastewater harvesting and community water harvesting techniques. Find out more about Downey.
His appearances are part of the Clean Economy Series — hands-on workshops offering practical knowledge on how to live and conduct business in a more sustainable manner that supports people, the planet and the economy. DCCCD is a proud sponsor of the series.