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Professional Development Opportunities

Basic Leadership

Basic Leadership is designed by Organizational Development (OrgDev) to develop both personal and professional leadership skills for employees participating in this program.

Career Institutes

The Career Institutes is a systematic approach to career and professional development for faculty and staff. To take advantage of career opportunities within the district, a variety of Career Institutes will be offered, each culminating with a Certificate of Mastery.

Faculty Development Programs 

Faculty Development is a series of workshops for faculty that are designed to enhance and promote effective teaching, student learning and retention. It also includes Visions of Excellence (VOE), an orientation program for new faculty, as well as other training for seasoned and adjunct faculty.

Training and Development

The Training and Development Program consists of short-term stand-alone classes.  These classes cover a variety of topics that include soft-skills and regulatory training. Open to all faculty, professional support staff and administrators, they are offered face-to-face and online.

District Employee Orientations

District Employee Orientations consists of New Employee Orientation (NEO), New Supervisor Orientation (NSO) and New Faculty Orientation (Visions of Excellence).


Conferences offered through Organizational Development (OrgDev) consist of full-day training sessions for specific employee groups. These sessions are designed to meet the needs of a target audience.