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Basic Leadership


What is Basic Leadership? 

Basic Leadership is designed by Organizational Development (OrgDev) to develop personal and professional leadership skills.

The focus of the program, consisting of several learning elements, is the development of capable leaders throughout the institution.

Employees who complete this program will have increased their competitive edge when applying for future positions and be able to competently provide leadership whatever their role is within the DCCCD. 

What are the objectives?

  • Develop and improve leadership performance and application of leadership skills for personal and professional use.
  • Develop collaborative leadership and networking practices between employees from DCCCD locations.
  • Provide information regarding the nuts-and-bolts processes expected of middle management within the DCCCD.

Who should attend?

Basic Leadership is open to full time and limited full time employees. It is designed for:

  • Employees who have no, or limited, supervisory experience.
  • Current supervisors who want or need skill enhancement.
  • Other employees who are interested in participating in the program (depending on space availability).

What are the benefits for me?

Participants will benefit from a curriculum that includes skills assessments, various learning activities, and written projects. This program provides the opportunity for participants to gain valuable knowledge that will develop and enhance their leadership skills.

A Certificate of Mastery is awarded to those who complete all of the program requirements. 


How are participants selected? 

Participants are selected prior to the program year. Organizational Development conducts information sessions at each college/location. Notification of the beginning of the selection process and a request for submissions of participant names are sent to each college/location leader. Selected participants are admitted to the upcoming year's class. Each college/location determines the process for their individual location participation.


What are the completion requirements?

Basic Leadership participants must complete at least 64 contact hours to receive a Certificate of Mastery. These hours, including in-class sessions, assigned readings, a team project, and a coaching project, are in two areas:

  1. Content-Specific: includes training in skills and knowledge specific to learning critical tasks for particular job functions.
  2. Core: provides foundational support and bodies of knowledge including history, background and theory to support specific training.

Specific completion requirements are included in the *Basic Leadership Completion Plan (PDF - 673KB).

*This plan is subject to change based on program need.

When are classes held?

The program begins in the fall each year and ends in spring. Core courses are offered throughout the year with content-specific courses being offered over a four month period.

Who will do the training?

Instructors are DCCCD staff, faculty and administrators who are content experts.

For more information contact us.