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Career Institutes

The Career Institutes are a systematic approach to career and professional development for faculty and staff.  A variety of educational programs are offered that foster and promote:

  • Career planning and development opportunities for faculty and staff.
  • Professional development opportunities in targeted jobs and professional areas.

Faculty and staff are offered these opportunities to identify individual career goals, develop career plans, chart a career opportunity path within the district and pursue the appropriate development activities that are aligned with the career goals of the individual. The objective is to help employees become competitive for internal job opportunities. 

The program includes the following institutes:

The Career Institutes are designed to give participants a more competitive edge as district openings occur. Staff members who meet all completion requirements within their respective institute receive a Certificate of Mastery and a one year work experience equivalency when they apply for in-district job opportunities. However, completion in no way guarantees nor ensures a promotion or movement to a particular position. An employee may only participate in one Career Institute program at a time.

For more information on the Career Institutes, contact us.