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Additional Resources


Service Learning Application for Enrollment (PDF - 71KB)

Each applicant must complete the Release of Liability (PDF - 72KB) form in conjunction with the Service Learning application for enrollment.

Service Learning Student Timesheet (PDF - 87KB)

To help us improve the Service Learning program, we request that each applicant complete the Student Satisfaction Questionnaire (PDF - 92KB).

Your college may require different or additional forms, so please check with your Service Learning Coordinator before completing paperwork.

Brookhaven: Andrew Deibert, Student Life Office - S201
Cedar Valley: Paula Dennis, A108
Eastfield: Liz Nichols, C125F or Courtney Carter Harbour, C274
El Centro: Regina Gowans, R401
Mountain View: Oscar Santos, W259
North Lake: Katherine Villarreal, P320
Richland: John Daniels, inside The Learning Center - M216

For questions, please contact Perla Molina at the District Service Learning Office by phone at 214-378-1771 or email at