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Department of Outreach

Community Development

To connect communities with educational services available through the DCCCD.


To engage diverse communities through collaborative and effective outreach
and recruitment activities. 

Department goals are aligned with DCCCD Board of Trustee Goals established and approved on February 5, 2013.

  • Further efforts to institutionalize the Service Learning program within DCCCD.
  • Collaborate with colleges and community agencies to connect students with events and opportunities that enhance learning and development.
  • Develop, plan and implement events and activities that connect citizens of Dallas County with DCCCD programs and services.
  • Build and maintain effective working relationships with all the district locations to facilitate coordination of events and activities designed to attract and recruit students.
  • Develop, plan, and implement events and activities that are specifically designed to enhance the recruitment of minority males into higher education.
  • Actively collaborate with District Marketing to facilitate branding efforts and raise community awareness of DCCCD.
  • Develop purposeful partnerships and strengthen strategic alliances through involvement with Chambers of Commerce, business organizations and government programs to market DCCCD programs and services.
  • Develop and expand outreach activities and services in collaboration with educational institutions, faith-based organizations, cultural groups and community-serving entities.
  • Increase cultural competency of Outreach staff.
  • Support the district's initiatives with graduation and transfer efforts to ensure an educated workforce in Dallas County.



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