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A.A.S Degree in Business Administration


The DCCCD/PUCMM Business Administration associate degree is designed for students seeking a broad program of study in all phases of business practices. This option focuses at the core of management (principles of management, organizational behavior, and personnel administration), but also encompasses the critical areas of business operations (principles of marketing, accounting, and business law). Under this program the student may begin their course of study at the PUCMM campus and transfer to the DCCCD-BHC campus. After the completion of the following six courses with the DCCCD: English Composition I &II, Introduction to Business; Business Law, Introduction to Speech Communication, and Business Communication, the student will receive an Associate Degree in Business Administration at both DCCCD-BHC and PUCMM.

Courses to be taken at PUCMM

PUCMM Course

DCCCD Course

Course Name

Credit Hours

ADM 423/574 MGMT 1370 Principles of Management


ADM 235

MATH 1314 OR 1414; OR 1324 OR

College Algebra OR
Mathematics for Business and Economics I OR


CNT 530

MATH 1371 OR

Business Mathematics ** OR
Introductory Statistics


MER 441

MRKT 2370

Principles of Marketing


CNT 205

ACCT 2301

Principles of Accounting I **


ITE 355

CISC 1470

Introduction to Computer Concepts and Applications


EC 335




CNT 206

ACCT 2302

Principles of Accounting II


EC 205

ECON 2301

Principles of Economics I


FIL 121

PSYC 1370

Applied Psychology and Human Relations


ADM 463

MGMT 2374

Human Resources Management


ADM 212

MGMT 2373

Organizational Behavior


EC 207

ECON 2302

Principles of Economics II


LET 101


Humanities/Fine Arts


BIOL 101 OR FIC 121


Any Non-Management Course


Total Credit Hours: 46-44

Courses to be taken at DCCCD (18 hours to complete Associate Degree)

DCCCD Course

Course Name

Credit Hours

BUSI 1301
BUSI 2301
ENGL 1301
ENGL 1302
SPCH 1311
OFCT 2370

Introduction to Business
Business Law
Composition I
Composition II
Introduction to Speech Communication
Business Communication


+Electives may be selected from the following:

DCCCD Transferable Electives

PUCMM Equivalents

IBTR 2370/Introduction to International Business and Trade (3 hrs)MGMT 2370/Small Business Capitalization, Acquisition, & Finance (3 hrs)

EC 335
CNT 530

++Electives may be selected from the following:

DCCCD Transferable Electives

PUCMM Equivalents

ARTS 1301,; HUMA 1315#; ENGL 2322, 2323, 2332, 2333, 2327, 2328; MUSI 1306, PHIL 1301; DRAM 1310

Any PUCMM Humanities Course

NOTE: Students must complete a minimum of 64 credit hours to complete this Associate Degree.

Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in all coursework to participate in this program.

*Students may substitute ACCT 1371 and ACCT 1372 for ACCT 2301. Only three hours may be applied to the required number of hours for granting the degree.

**Students selecting MATH 1371 must also complete a natural science course.

***Students may substitute ACCT 2401 for ACCT 2301.

#(Effective Fall 2005, HUMA 1301 is no longer offered and has been replaced by HUMA 1315 which meets degree and core requirements.)