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Workers' Compensation

Claims Supervisor
Janice Kelly
214-492-5600 ext. 2840


Julie.Saucedo@tristResources for Injured Employees

Julie.Saucedo@tristargroup.netargroup.netResources for Injured Employees

Resources for Employers

ext. 2830

Claims Adjuster  (back-up adjuster for Carolyn)
Paula Scales
214-492-5600 ext. 2822

Claims Supervisor
Julie Saucedo
214-492-5600 ext. 2840 



Workers' Compensation Insurance provides medical and wage payments for injuries received while your within the "course and scope" of one's employment with the district. These payments are regulated by the workers' compensation laws of Texas. The Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation (TDI-DWC) is the regulating body for workers compensation claims. The district is self insured for workers' compensation coverage. The third party administrator (TPA) is TRISTAR Risk Management who actually handles the claims.  You must inform your doctor if you have a work related injury, which location you work at and TRISTAR's contact information. 

Contact your supervisor or your HR representative to report a Workers Compensation injury.

TRISTAR Risk Management
P.O. Box 143039
Irving, TX 75014-3039

Main Phone Number:  214-492-5600
Main Fax Number:     214-492-5691

Claims Adjuster for DCCCD 
 Frank Walsh 
214-492-5600 ext. 2835

Claims Supervisor
Janice Kelly
214-492-5600 ext. 2840

Texas Department of Insurance - Division of Workers Compensation

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