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Volunteer Application Instructions


Instructions For Authorized Volunteer Application

The intent of the authorized volunteer application is to provide insurance coverage to the authorized volunteer during the course and scope of their volunteer work with the DCCCD.

Examples of persons considered authorized volunteers: District employees working outside their normal scope and hours (ex: An employee in the Business Office who volunteers for a weekend Student Life Trip), Student Life volunteers, volunteer coaches, volunteer course instructors, volunteer students employed by DCCCD.

Examples of persons not considered authorized volunteers: District employees working within their normal scope and hours (ex: An employee in the Business Office who volunteers, with supervisor approval, for a Student Life day trip during the employee's normal work hours), students not employed by DCCCD, medical personnel acting in their capacity as a medical professional. (Medical Professionals can do volunteer work not related to their profession.)

The person recruiting the authorized volunteer is responsible for the following:

1. Verifying that all sections of the application have been completed. Submit the application to the local HR department. (The local HR department is strictly a records custodian in regards to authorized volunteer applications.)

2. Contacting references listed on the applications. Tips on calling references are provided at the bottom of this instruction sheet.

Effective August 1, 2000, the DCCCD will conduct a criminal history background check of its employees, applicants for employment, authorized volunteers, and student assistants if the employment or relationship with the District involves regular contact with minors (a minor is a person under 18 years of age).

3. If applicable, the person recruiting the authorized volunteer will request a background investigation through the local HR Office. The local HR Office will facilitate the background investigation request with District HR and the authorization for the applicant to perform volunteer work will be routed back through the location HR Office. The applicant may not perform any related duties until such time as the results of the criminal background check have been reviewed by District Human Resources and the recommendation for acceptance of the applicant has been approved.

  • The applicant should write N/A in a space if that particular section of the application does not apply to them.
  • References provided by the applicant should have knowledge of the applicant's experience or transferable skills, which could be applied, to the authorized volunteer position.
  • The applicant is not required to fill out the "Record of Education" section unless it relates to the volunteer work.


I am with __________________College, which is part of the Dallas County Community College District. Your name was given as a reference for  _____________who will be working with students who are members of our (Club) in the capacity of (Activity).

In what capacity do you know this person?

Have you worked with him/her in an activity like the above that involved young adults? Yes or No

If yes, how did they handle themselves?

If no, what activity have you participated in with them that involved young adults?

Do you have any other comments about this person?

Thank you for the information.