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Bonds - Notary Application Instructions


Application for Notaries
Instructions for Notaries

1. All departmental requests for appointment of a Texas Notary Public shall be submitted to the Vice President of Business Services, or designee, for approval/disapproval.  The Associate Vice Chancellor shall have approval/disapproval authority at the District locations.

2. Complete the application (front and back) and order form.  Note: You must have the “Statement of Officer” section notarized.

3. Complete a Non-PO Miscellaneous Expense Check Request to cover the bonding fee, State filing fee, and notary supplies.

a. With the exception of the LeCroy Center, the bonding and State filing fees should be charged to the following fidelity bond account: 11-XX-107080-23722

b. The LeCroy Center’s Charges should be made to:  12-28-028551-23722

c. Notary supplies should be charged to the office supplies account 24201, with the appropriate fund, location, and division number.

4. When you receive the check from District Accounting, send the completed application, forms, and check to:
Notary Public Underwriters Agency of Texas
P.O. Box 140106
Austin, TX 78714.

5. If you have any questions, contact District Risk Management Department at 972-860-4029.