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Minors Handbook



The Dallas County Community College District serves the traditional college-age individual as well as minors. The District's philosophy is community focused in regards to the varied educational needs in the growing Dallas County region. This philosophy includes the goal of helping students of "all ages" achieve effective living and responsible citizenship in a fast-changing region, state, nation and world. As a part of this commitment the District continues to expand its programs offered to children. In order to provide the children and their parents or guardian with an enjoyable learning experience in a comfortable and safe environment the following guidelines have been compiled to assist District employees, volunteers, and outside groups using District facilities. The following guidelines are applicable to but not limited to children's camps, grant programs, children structure activities, workshops, and classes.

DEFINITION OF A MINOR: A Minor will be defined as an individual under the age of 18 years old.

View or download a complete version of the Minors Handbook (PDF – 106KB).