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Videos on Violent Intruders and Other Emergencies


No uniform policy can make determinations for all circumstances which may arise. The need to evacuate may be the best decision in one set of circumstances, while locking down may be more effective in another set of circumstances.

Videos on Violent Intruders (“Intruder Lockdown”)

An intruder lockdown means there is an immediate threat at a location and the person(s) at the location are intent on causing harm to others. 

***In many of the recent incidents people have mistakenly run into danger versus running away from it. In most cases, DCCCD recommends that students and employees “lockdown” in the areas in which they are already located during a violent intruder incident. The DCCCD video below takes precedence. The “Options for Consideration,” a Department of Homeland Security video, is provided as an additional resource.

Videos on Emergency Procedures