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Sports Accident


Revised 10/9/12

The Sports Accident insurance is excess insurance.  It is excess over any other insurance available to the student.

The basic limit of insurance is $25,000.  For injuries in excess of $25,000 there is a $5,000,000 catastrophic policy.  Please notify Risk Management of any injuries that result  in medical treatment in excess of $25,000 occurring within the first year after injury. 

What To Do When An Injury Occurs

1. Coach fills out the claim form Part 1 completely.  (ie. Time, date, complete description of accident).  Be precise.  Student or parent/guardian completes Part 2.  Requires signatures of both coach and student/guardian.  Make a copy for your file. 

2. If the student has other insurance, the student should file a claim with that insurance carrier as well.  Keep a file on every athlete and make copies of claims filed.

3. For any athlete who does not have primary health insurance, send them to one of the providers in the Texas Health Network list of providers.  The log-in information has been provided by Risk Management to all athletic directors.  Contact Risk Management if necessary.   Have the athlete take a completed claim form with them to the provider.  Athletes who have primary insurance may go to a doctor or hospital of their choice.  The network is preferred but not required.  For athletes who do not have primary health insurance, the network providers are required.

4. If an athletes personal insurance denies payment or services, the athlete must get the denial in writing before this insurance can pay.

Who to Contact with Questions

For questions concerning claims, Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s), etc. contact the insurance carrier, Universal Fidelity Life Insurance Company at 800-366-8354.

You may also call the agent, Rommie Maxey, at 877-818-4316.

You may always talk to John King in the DCCCD Risk Management Department, 972-860-4036.