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Section 20.3.13  
Revised 05-01-12


1.  The property insurance policy covers all risk of physical loss or damage of the District's buildings and contents.

2.  Coverage for the $500,000,000 blanket limit includes building contents and DCCCD property, boiler and machinery, fine arts, electronic data processing, transit, valuable papers, business income (tuition fees), service interruption (time element), and miscellaneous property consisting of cameras, laboratory equipment, musical instruments, debris removal, demolition etc.


$  25,000,000   Annual Aggregate - Flood 
$100,000,000   Annual Aggregate - Earth Movement
$  10,000,000   Errors and Omissions 
$  10,000,000   Extra Expense and Expediting cost combined
$  10,000,000   Electronic Data - Equipment, Media, Valuable Papers and Records
$  10,000,000   Service Interruption (Time Element) 
$  10,000,000   Ingress/Egress not to exceed 30 days
$  10,000,000   Fine Arts
$  10,000,000   Transit  


$      100,000   Each claim (combined property damage and time element)
$       25,000    Boiler and Machinery (combined property damage and time element)
$      100,000   EDP (combined property damage and time element)
$         5,000   Transit
$         5,000   Fine Arts
$       10,000   Miscellaneous Personal Property
$      250,000   Wind/or Hail


1. During the renewal period, the District Risk Management will obtain a comprehensive listing of all District property values from the District Business Office.  All property value changes should be noted on the listing.

2. Machinery and equipment, furniture, software, supplies, books and media values will be obtained from the District Business Office.

3. District Risk Management Office will be responsible for facilitating a periodic review of the District's property for insurance purposes. A property appraisal vendor will have a representative (s) make an on-site inspection of the District property that is the subject of the agreement with assistance from the District Risk Management Office. The vendor will prepare a report of the physical property for the District, which is in conformity with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.


The College Executive Business Officer, or designee, is responsible for providing an updated listing of all campus owned and donated art objects to the District Risk Management. The following information must be included on the listing:

1. Title of the art work

2. Name of the artist

3. The medium used (or type of artwork)

4. The value of the artwork


Reference Section 20.2.0 for standard procedure.


1. The initial charge for the property insurance premium is made to the Prepaid Insurance Account 11-11-000000-74200. At fiscal year end, the insurance premium is distributed to account 11-XX-801010-23701 based on the net square footage per location.

2. Boiler and machinery inspections and operations certificates are required by law. Boiler and machinery inspections will be direct charges to account 11-10-802000-23993. (Note: Invoices for boiler inspections, as well as boiler operations certificates are sent to the District Facilities from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Boiler operations certificates that are received by the District Facilities will be sent to the College Director of Facilities.)