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General Liability


Section 20.3.10
Revised 05-01-12


1.  This policy protects Dallas County Community College District (the District) against damages resulting from bodily injury, personal injury, and/or damages (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy).

2.  The Texas Tort Claims Act (Sub Chapter 101.021 of the Civil Practices & Remedies Code) provides statutory immunity to the District with the exception of licensed motor vehicle accident claims; therefore, the District may be protected from payment of general liability claims as described in the Texas Tort Claim Act that a non-employee may file within the State of Texas. The cost of legal defense (less the deductible) incurred by the District as a result of any claim or alleged claim is covered by the policy.


Liability limit:                       $900,000 Each Occurrence
                                          $3,600,000 Aggregated Limit

Self Insurance Retention Limit: $100,000


When an incident involving bodily injury, personal injury or loss of property occurs, the college police or college nurse is responsible for completing an Incident Report Form within 48 hours of the occurrence, and submitting the appropriate copies to the College Executive Business Officer, or designee, and to District Risk Management.


1. If a person desires to make a claim against the District, (s)he should do so in writing to the college Vice President, or designee, responsible for safety and security. All pertinent medical bills and receipts should accompany the claim.

2. The college Vice President, or designee, who is responsible for safety and security will submit a copy of the claim the incident report and supporting documentation to the District Risk Manager within 48 hours of receiving notice of the claim.

3. District Risk Management will file the claim (usually in the format of a written letter) with the appropriate insurance carriers.

4. Risk Management and/or the District's insurance carrier (s) will investigate the claim and determine the District's liability.  Risk Management and/or the District's insurance carrier will respond in writing to the claimant.


1. The initial charge is made to the Prepaid Insurance Account 11-11-000000-74200. At fiscal year end, the insurance premium is distributed to account 11-XX-107080-23721 based upon the square footage of the location.

2. The deductible per claim is charged to the DCCCD location(s) named in the claim.