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Media Liability


Section 20.3.2   
Revised 05/01/12


1. The broadcaster's liability policy provides liability insurance for the instructional programming for TV or Cable TV produced and/or distributed by the District

2.  This policy provides payment for all loss and claims expense for which the District is liable due to a law, equity or settlement, or assumption under contract as related to the operation of instructional programming for TV or Cable TV.

3.  If evidence of insurance or certificates of insurance is requested by a third party, please contact the District Risk Management Office with the request. Certificates require at least 48 to 72 hours notice.

B. Limits and Deductibles

Limits:                           $2,000,000 (Each occurrence and aggregate)

Self-Insured Retention: $10,000 per occurrence


The premium is charged to the Center for Educational Telecommunications, account 12-28-028551-23721.