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Automobile Insurance

Automobile Insurance Coverage

Driver Approval Process

Van Driving Guidelines

Driver Specifications and Restrictions

Guidelines for Reporting Accidents

Guidelines for Repairs District Owned/Lease Vehicles 

Section 20.3.2
Revised 7-25-14


1. Coverage Provided for DCCCD Purchased, Rented and Leased Vehicles

a. Liability coverage with $100,000 liability deductible

b. No coverage for physical damages

2. Coverage Provided for Employee-Owned, and Volunteer-Owned Vehicles

a. Secondary liability coverage with $100,000 deductible while drivers perform duties for the DCCCD.  Owners insurance is primary.

b. No coverage for physical damages


1. Liability (Bodily Injury and Property Damage to Others):

Limit:      $1,000,000 per occurrence

Deductible: $100,000 per occurrence


1.  This policy does not cover Personal Injury Protection (PIP) for bodily injury to the driver. (Workers Compensation coverage for bodily injury is provided to DCCCD employees who are involved in an accident while in the course and scope of District related business.)

2. This policy does not cover physical damage to employee-owned, student-owned, or volunteer-owned vehicles.


1. The initial charge for the automobile insurance premium is made to the Prepaid Insurance Account 11-11-000000-74200. At fiscal year end, the insurance premium is distributed to account 11-XX-107080-23702 based upon the automobile values at each location.

2. Invoices for Motor Vehicle Record services are charged to 11-11-107080-22321.


1. The District Purchasing Department will provide listings of newly acquired vehicles to the District Risk Manager.

2. The Inventory Control Officer at each location will notify the District Risk Management of any insured vehicle changes such as campus transfers and disposals.

3. During the renewal period, the District Risk Management will provide an audit listing of insured vehicles to the insurance agency.


A person must have a Texas Drivers License, have six years of licensed driving experience, and be approved by District Risk Management to be eligible to drive any District owned, leased, borrowed, or rented vehicles, including golf carts and gators. The approval process is described below.

1. An employee or authorized volunteer must be an approved driver before driving any district vehicle.

2. No student may drive on District business.

3. An employee or volunteer must receive supervisor approval before requesting to become an approved driver. Upon approval, the supervisor must make a photocopy of the employee or volunteer driver's license. The employee or volunteer will sign a release form (district drivers request form) requesting to be an approved driver and authorize the District to process a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR). The signed release form and photocopy of the employee or volunteer driver's license should be given to the College Executive Business officer or designee (approved driver coordinator).

4. To request a motor vehicle report, the College Executive Business Officer or designee must submit the employee or volunteer name as it appears on the driver's license, driver's license number and date of birth to District Risk Management via email or other expedient means.

5. The approved driver coordinator must keep the photocopy of the employee's driver's license and the authorization form in a secured location for a minimum of two years. At the end of a two-year period the file should be archived.

6. District Risk Management will submit the names and other information referenced in paragraph F3, to the Motor Vehicle Records Service to obtain the driving record of each potential driver. The Motor Vehicle Report must reflect on the last three years of an employee/volunteer driving record.

7. The driving record of the employee or volunteer will determine whether the individual is approved or rejected as a DCCCD driver.

8. If the individual is approved, District Risk Management will add the individual's name to the Approved Driver's List.

9. The District Risk Management Office will send a notice of approval or rejection via email or other expedient means, to the College Executive Business Officer or designee.

10. An employee or volunteer who is not approved to drive will receive a confidential envelope from Risk Management with a copy of the Motor Vehicle Report and a letter of acknowledgement. The employee or volunteer will need to sign the acknowledgement letter and return the signed acknowledgement to District Risk Management.

11. After you are no longer employed with the district, your Motor Vehicle Report is considered inactive.


1.  In accordance with the regulations of the Texas Department of Public Safety, effective April 1, 1992, all DCCCD drivers of vehicles designed to carry 16 or more passengers, will be required to have a commercial driver's license. All employees or volunteers driving with a commercial driver's license (CDL) must complete district van training before driving a District owned, leased, borrowed, or rented van.

2.  If a person's primary job duty is to drive a DCCCD vehicle, their employment will be contingent upon their approval as a DCCCD driver.

3.  All employees and passengers in a District owned, leased, borrowed, or rented vehicle must wear a seat belt when the vehicle is moving.

4.  All District employees while driving a District, leased, borrowed, or rented vehicle must follow the posted speed limit signs and the State vehicle laws.

5.  All District employees while driving a District, leased, borrowed, or rented vehicle must observe passenger limitation of each vehicle.  Please see van driving guidelines  for additional information. 

6.  All District employees while driving a District, leased, borrowed, or rented vehicle must have at least 7-8 consecutive hours of off time (sleep) in the 24-hour period to driving.  Additionally, the driver should not drive more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period.


Off-time (sleep) 9:30 pm - 5:00 am 7/21 - 7/22
Game time 1:00 pm 7/22
Leave campus 6:00 am 7/22
Drive time 4 hours, arrive 10:00 am 7/22
Game ends 4:00 pm 7/22
Return trip 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm 7/22
Off-time consecutive hours 7 1/2 hours
Drive time 8 1/2 hours
Meet requirements? Yes
7.  A driver who receives (2) two moving violations within a (3) three year rolling period will receive a warning notice and a recommendation to participate in the District's drivers training course.  A driver who receives (3) three moving violations and /or accidents within a (3) three year rolling period will be required to take the driver's training course offered by District.  If a driver receives more than three (3) moving violations and /or accidents on their MVR, the driver will be disqualified from driving a DCCCD vehicle until the driver has (3) or less moving violations on the MVR.

8.  A driver will be immediately disqualified from driving a DCCCD vehicle and will not be approved to drive if (s)he is reported as DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) or DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs) for a period of seven (7) years from the date of the most recent DWI or DUI citation.

9.  No District employee or volunteer is authorized to transport students on District business or on District related activities in a personal vehicle.


1.   Guidelines for reporting accidents involving District-insured vehicles are provided to the colleges by the District Risk Management. College officials are responsible for placing these guidelines in the glove compartments of each DCCCD vehicle. Drivers of DCCCD vehicles should become familiar with the guidelines.

2.  A summary is listed below of the information that should be reported to District Risk Management when an accident occurs.

a. Date, time, and location of the accident

b. Name, address, and telephone number of the District driver

c. Vehicle description, vehicle ID number, and current location of vehicle

d. Other drivers' names, addresses, telephone numbers, and insurance information

e. Other vehicle descriptions

f. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of injured parties

g. Police involvement: name, badge number, accident report number

h. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of witnesses or other involved parties

3.  District Risk Management will report the accident to the appropriate insurance carrier(s).


1.  Appraisal of Damages

Contact District Risk Management promptly after a vehicle accident. Have the vehicle damage appraised by a reputable shop that is convenient to the location.

2.  Repair Costs (District Driver at Fault)

a. The college/location will be responsible for paying all repair costs to District owned or leased vehicles. Normal purchasing procedures must be followed to authorize vehicle repairs.

b. The college/location will be responsible for paying for the use of rental cars and/or towing fees, if any as a result of the accident.

c. The college location will be responsible for damages to others in an auto accident. Risk Management, through the District claims administrators will determine the amount of the damages to others.

3.  Repair Costs (Other Driver at Fault)

If a driver other than a DCCCD employee is found at fault, the District Risk Management and the District's insurance company will coordinate the reimbursement of repair costs with the insurance company of the other driver. If liability is disputed, repairs should be completed as per #2 above. Collection from the other party will be attempted after repairs are completed.

4.  Insurance Reimbursements

The DCCCD will be the "payee" named on any reimbursement check(s) from the insurance carrier(s). The check(s) will be sent to the District Risk Manager for deposit into the miscellaneous income or other appropriate account designated by the college financial officers.

5.  Leased Vehicles

All DCCCD leased vehicles must be repaired in a timely period by a reputable repair facility. Any damage to leased vehicles, including faulty repairs previously paid and overdue maintenance will be charged to the college/location upon termination of the lease.