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DCCCD Faculty Resources

Faculty Instructor

DCCCD Faculty Resources

Welcome to the DCCCD Faculty Resources webpage.  This page has been designed with faculty information needs in mind; a one stop shop. The links to the information below have been grouped to enable easy and quick access to key faculty specific policies, guidelines and resources. 

We continue to add information to this page.  If you have suggestions to improve this page, please contact Cynthia Brown, 214-378-1501.

                                                                             Your District Human Resources Team 
Fall 2014

Full-time Faculty Employment: Policy, Process, Guidelines

Faculty Association Executive Council

BC: Bill Hammerschlag
CVC: Tommy Thompson
ECC: Jon Hickerson
EFC: Matt Hinckley
MVC: Ken Alfers
NLC: John Hitt
RLC: Fred Newbury, Chair

Faculty Association President Job Description (PDF - 14KB)

Academic Calendar (2014-2015)

Full-Time Professional Development


Full-time Faculty Evaluation Process

​Full-Time Faculty Compensation

Faculty Salary Schedule

Initial Salary Schedule Placement Rules
Extra Service Compensation Guidelines
Faculty Premium Pay
Two-Tier Faculty Market Disparity Stipend
Distance Learning Compensation for Online Courses
Distance Learning Compensation for Telecourses
Faculty Reclassification Rules
Teachers Retirement System/Optional Retirement System Overview (PDF 501KB)
Tax Shelter Annuity
Parking Stipend for ECC Faculty

Core Curriculum Resources

Core Curriculum Resources

Full-time Employee Benefits

Full-time Employee Benefits (ERS)

Full-time Employee Retirement Information

Retirement Overview

Teachers Retirement System
Optional Retirement Program
Summary of Benefits for Eligible Retirees (PDF - 30KB) 
Teacher Retirement Working Guidelines
ORP Vesting and Retirement Guidelines
TRS Vesting and Retirement Guidelines
TRS Rule of 80
Steps to Retirement from DCCCD

Full-time Faculty Leave Benefits

Faculty Leave Banking

Sabbatical Leave Program (Long or Short-term)
Developmental Leave Program
Summary Leave and Fringe Benefits
Family Medical Leave (FMLA)
Catastrophic Sick Leave Pool

Employee Complaint Procedure

Employee Complaints - Grievance

Sexual Harassment

Full-time Faculty Awards

DCCCD Employee Recognition Award Programs

Additional Information and Services

Library Resources
Library Services
Credit Class Schedules
Continuing Education Class Schedules
Individual College/Location Human Resources Office Contact Information

Adjunct Faculty Information

Adjunct Faculty Hiring Process

Adjunct Faculty Credit/Non Credit Workload Guidelines
Adjunct Faculty Credit/Lab Workload Guidelines (Not Participating TRS or ORP)
Adjunct Faculty Credit/Lab Workload Guidelines (Currently Participating TRS or ORP)
Adjunct Faculty Group Benefits

Human Resource Guidelines

Human Resources Operational Guidelines

Higher Education Websites  

American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)

American Association of Community Colleges Government Relations
American Council on Education (ACE)
Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)
League for Innovation in the Community College
Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC)
Texas Community College Teachers Association (TCCTA)
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)

Key Full-time Faculty Forms

Academic Credit for Advancement form
(faculty reclassification form - 2006) (PDF - 9KB)
Faculty Contractual Recommendation Form​ (PDF - 80KB)
Faculty Individual Action Plans, pages 1-4 (Faculty - Counseling/LRC)​ - (PDF - 99KB)
Faculty Leave Banking Agreement (PDF 17KB)
Faculty Leave Banking Request for Approval  (PDF - 13KB)
Sabbatical Leave Form (PDF - 298KB)
Sick Leave Pool form (PDF - 23KB)
TRS Notification of Employment After Retirement Surcharges for TRS Working Retirees (PDF - 72KB)

Faculty Directory (PDF - 95KB)