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Visiting Scholar/Adjunct Programs


DCCCD offers a unique Visiting Scholar program for faculty, plus adjunct faculty positions for educators who wish to teach part-time and have an opportunity to obtain required teaching experience, congruent with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools teaching requirements.

Visiting Scholars Program


In 1999, DCCCD established a Visiting Faculty Scholars Program to fill positions on a temporary basis. Beginning in spring 2000, the district implemented a program to promote the Visiting Scholar program. Each college may receive up to $20,000 annually for each visiting scholar (up to three per location). In addition, each location cabinet member may request up to $10,000 per location, per fiscal year, to support visiting scholars in the form of mentoring, teaching and/or other developmental activities.

This program has been nationally recognized for best practices by the College and University Professional Assocation for Human Resources, the Community College Business Officers and the League for Innovation in the Community College. This is the only program of its specific type in higher education throughout the United States.

What is the nature of a Visiting Scholar position?

The Visiting Faculty role is a temporary appointment, recommended for up to two full academic years, by the college or location president. It is usually full-time, and at least 50 percent of normal load, but may vary due to the specific needs of the location.
Visiting faculty will be expected to perform all normal functions as assigned to other employees in like positions. Such functions may include office hours, graduation attendance, etc.

What are the qualifications for a Visiting Scholar position?

The person serving in a faculty role must meet educational minimums for assignment to a faculty position and salary schedule (generally a master’s degree plus 18 graduate hours in the subject to be taught), and the contracted salary is based on the usual education/experience-based calculation.

While there are no formal experience requirements for visiting faculty, a college may require the successful completion of a development plan during assignment as a visiting scholar in addition to other assigned duties.

How can a Visiting Scholar become a full-time, permanent faculty?

Visiting Scholars may apply for continuing faculty positions via the district’s normal competitive search process. As the Visiting Scholar is a temporary employment category within the district, individuals serving in this role are not eligible to apply for vacancies posted as “internal only.” Temporary employment will be considered in calculation of years of service for consideration toward multiyear contract eligibility if a Visiting Scholar is hired for a continuing position.

Adjunct Faculty Opportunities

You can become a DCCCD adjunct instructor (part-time faculty member) even if you have no prior teaching experience. The program provides an excellent opportunity to gain hours in the classroom.

Requirements for adjunct instructors (part-time faculty members) vary depending on the type of course taught:
  • for classes transferrable for a higher degree: a master’s degree plus 18 graduate hours in the subject to be taught
  • for workforce education degree or certificate courses: a combination of academic preparation and work experience, including three years of direct or related work experience other than teaching
  • for developmental courses: a bachelor’s degree in the specific teaching discipline and demonstrated competency (i.e., teaching experience, honors, graduate course work or other related accomplishment)

We recruit adjunct faculty from a variety of sources, such as personal referrals, college and district adjunct faculty recruitment fairs, and our adjunct faculty database. Some adjunct instructor opportunities can be found listed in our current job openings

More Information

If you have questions or need more information, please contact:  972-860-4083