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Sabbatical Leave Program

HROG Section:
Document Title:
Sabbatical (Long and Short-term)
Initial Date Posted:
Sept. 1, 1997
Board Approval:
Applies To:
DCCCD Full-time Administrators and Faculty
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:
Last Date Revised:
Sept. 12, 2005 Chancellor's Cabinet; July 21, 2014; Sept. 2, 2014


The purpose of this program is to allow faculty and administrators the opportunity to take a leave of absence of up to one year from their position in order to engage in a special project, study or travel that will benefit the institution, the students and the employee.


The District began the Sabbatical Leave program as a means of supporting faculty and administrative development.


Only one sabbatical leave may be granted for one sequence of seven full years of satisfactory service, i.e., seven years equals one sabbatical, 14 years equals 2 sabbaticals, and the like. If an applicant is granted a long-term sabbatical, the applicants eligibility for a short-term sabbatical is not affected; however, an applicant may not be granted both a short-term and a long-term sabbatical during the same academic year.

The sabbatical leave shall be considered as time in service in the District for salary schedule purposes. It shall be credited for retirement purposes as governed by the policies of the Texas State Teacher's Retirement System (TRS). Retirement deductions will be made in proportion to the salary received. Persons on sabbatical leave will not be eligible for an extra service assignment.

Upon returning from the sabbatical leave, the employee shall normally, unless he otherwise agrees, be reinstated in the position he held at the time his sabbatical leave started. If this is impossible because of circumstances beyond the control of the administration and Board, he shall be placed in a position equal to the one he left when he started his sabbatical leave.

Sabbatical leave, being granted on the basis of a formal proposal involving study or travel, may be canceled if the program for which the leave was granted is canceled or basically altered before the leave becomes effective. In the event of emergency termination of a sabbatical program already entered upon, or in the event circumstances preventing pursuit of the objectives for which the leave was granted, the employee shall immediately advise the District Human Resources (for administrators) or the District Cabinet member over Educational Affairs (for faculty) so that the appropriate Board action may be initiated. 


Any faculty or administrator who has served in a contractual job title in the DCCCD for seven consecutive years may be granted up to a one semester sabbatical leave at full pay for travel or professional improvement.


Applications are due the year preceding the academic year for which the leave is requested.
All sabbatical leave requests from faculty shall be submitted through the division chair to the location Chancellor's Cabinet member.  Approved applications will be forwarded to the District Cabinet member over Educational Affairs prior to the November 14 deadline.  The long term applications are approved at the January Board and the short-term at the February Board. College deadlines are earlier. 

All sabbatical leave requests from administrative personnel shall be submitted, via the location Chancellor's Cabinet member, to the District Human Resources Director, to the Chancellor in writing, prior to December 1.

The Chancellor may consider requests outside the normal timing for consideration when the request is supported by the Chancellor's Cabinet member and the timely completion of the project and/or activities proposed is of critical importance to the college and/or location.

Employee Responsibility

If the sabbatical leave is for the purpose of study, a planned program of courses or a special project will be submitted for approval, and will become part of the sabbatical leave contract. Transcripts or other evidence of completion of the planned program of study will be submitted to the Chancellor within 60 days of the employee's return to duty.

Sabbatical leave which is for the purpose of travel will normally be approved only if the proposed travel program incorporates a plan of study or research in an area related to the applicant's field of work. Applicants will submit a detailed itinerary and program, with a statement of the objectives of the plan, which will become part of the sabbatical leave contract. A written report shall be submitted to the Chancellor within 60 days of the employee's return to duty.

The applicant shall agree in writing to serve the District for at least two years immediately after completion of the leave if tendered contract(s) for such periods for a long-term sabbatical and at least one year immediately after completion of the leave if tendered contract(s) for a short-term sabbatical. (Short-term sabbaticals for administrators may be granted for a maximum of six weeks and may be taken at any time during the year.) If this agreement is not fulfilled, the applicant shall be required to repay to the District all money paid him while on leave. This obligation shall be canceled if death or permanent disability prevents his fulfilling the terms of the contract.

HR Responsibility

Exceptions To Policy

Other Notes

Sabbatical Pay:
For long-term sabbaticals faculty and administrators may receive full pay for up to one semester. The salary will be paid in the same manner as if the employee were teaching/working in the District.

Sabbaticals for faculty that are scheduled during the summer or outside of contract dates for faculty on flexible contact, shall be compensated in accordance with the summer pay schedule and will not exceed compensation for a single summer session. Duration shall be six to twelve weeks.

  • Summer Sabbaticals – If employee has already used faculty premium pay then summer sabbaticals are paid at two (2) times the rate of one (1) three (3) credit hours extra service course. Pay should be calculated as follows:

    One (1) three (3) credit hours extra service course x 2 = Sabbatical Pay

    Example: $2,274.00 x 2 = $4,548.00

  • Summer Sabbaticals (paid as faculty premium pay) – faculty premium pay should be used to pay faculty who are taking summer sabbaticals and have not already used their faculty premium pay for the current fiscal year. Pay should be calculated as follows:

    Example: $1,300.00 x 6 = $7,800.00

Persons on sabbatical leave will not be eligible for an extra service assignment.

Administrators business and travel expenses are not paid during sabbatical leave.


Administrative request are due to District Human Resources prior December 1.

Faculty request are due to the District Cabinet member over Educational Affairs by November 14.

Long-term sabbaticals will be submitted to the January Board and short-term sabbaticals will be submitted to the February Board.

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