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Mandatory Vacation

HROG Section:
Work/Life Benefits
Document Title:
Mandatory Vacation
Initial Date Posted:
June 1, 1987
Board Approval:
Applies To:
Full-time and Part-time Employees in Positions of Fiscal Trust
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:
Last Date Revised:
Summer 2005


Any employee in a position of fiscal trust or as determined by the location is required to take an annual vacation which is at least five (5) consecutive work days in duration. For purposes of this document a position of fiscal trust is defined as a position or assignment which requires an employee to receipt or disburse monies; reconcile or journalize accounts, process payroll transactions or purchase goods or services on behalf of the District.

Any employee in a position of fiscal trust required to take mandatory leave under this guideline, if hired after December 1 of a fiscal year, will not be required to take a mandatory leave until after September 1 of the next fiscal year.



Positions Required to Participate in Mandatory Vacation Leave are defined by the location.


All employees in positions defined by the location administration are required to participate.


The employee and supervisor must work together to fulfill this DCCCD leave obligation. Please note that this mandatory leave must be taken once every fiscal year. This leave time must be five consecutive days (not including holidays). This time must be taken as vacation time or in circumstances where the employee does not have sufficient leave time to allow for five consecutive days of vacation time, leave without pay time. This leave time may not be combined with other forms of paid leave (i.e., sick, extenuating circumstance, holidays, etc.).

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