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Leave and Benefit Integration

HROG Section:
Work/Life Benefits
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Leave and Benefits Integration
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DCCCD Employees
District Human Resources
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In order to integrate employee eligible benefits and leave and to ensure that employees are provided with appropriate consultation in a timely manner, it recommended that these procedures be as follows:

Employees should notify their supervisor immediately of any possibility of an absence that would affect their employment and/or personal paid leave.  These possibilities include short and long-term illnesses, hospitalization, dependent or family illness, adoption of a child, to care for an employee’s newborn child after birth, developmental leave and sabbatical leave.

Upon notification to the supervisor, the employee and/or supervisor should notify their location Human Resources office of the impacting leave.  A discussion should occur where the employee presents all issues of their pending absence including the beginning date of the leave and the approximate ending date of leave.

All discussions between Human Resources or District Human Resources and the employee are confidential and will only be discussed with the employee, the employee’s supervisor, and if appropriate, the second level supervisor, insurance carriers and retirement agencies.

Employee Responsibility

The employee will be responsible for supplying all documentation in reference to their leave in a timely manner to ensure that the Human Resources office can process their leave and benefits requested.  This will be accomplished by:

  • Participating in the formal discussion and following-up with any additional questions or concerns

  • Requesting leave and completing DCCCD leave forms

  • Requesting and completing additional leave and/or benefit request forms

  • Requesting approval from the supervisor prior to the beginning date of the leave

  • Obtaining Physician’s statements or having Physician complete form(s) relevant to the leave request

  • Returning all forms and documentation to the Human Resources office immediately for additional processing

The employee should notify the location Human Resources offices immediately if:

  • They do not agree with their personal leave balances, leave taken or leave accruals

  • They do not agree with their compensation from the DCCCD

  • They do not agree with their benefit integration or compensation received from outside agencies in connection with their leave and benefit integration

  • If applicable, want to cancel their insurance benefits released to return to work and/or schedule to return to work

  • Can not return to work because they are not “fit for duty” and /or voluntary or involuntary termination occurs

When an employee returns to work, the supervisor and the Human Resources office should be notified prior to their return.  The employee must provide any required documentation upon the first day of their return to the supervisor and location Human Resources office.

HR Responsibility

The Human Resources office will ensure the integration of leave and benefits by:

  • Reviewing all current insurance elections and coverages

  • Reviewing all current personal paid leave balances and accruals

  • Reviewing additional leave eligibility

  • Reviewing payroll and salary issues

  • Reviewing the number of days of the requested absence and integrating the absence with the employee’s personal leave and eligible benefits

  • If appropriate, consulting with Employees Retirement System of Texas and/or Teachers Retirement System of Texas

  • Reviewing DCCCD Policies and Procedures for benefit and leave compliance

  • Initiate a formal discussion with the employee to discuss and explain leave coordination, benefit integration, compensation, insurance coverage and continuation of benefits, DCCCD policies and procedures.

The Human Resources office will be responsive to employee’s leave request by:

  • Obtaining any additional approvals needed for the requested leave and benefits, if any

  • If the leave is not approved, the employee will be notified immediately and offered other applicable alternatives, if any

  • Obtain any approvals needed from medical, disability or workers compensation carriers

  • If appropriate, advise the employee on contacting retiring agencies

  • Returning copies of leave requests forms and documentation to the employee for their personal files

  • Advise employee on compensation and continuation of insurance issues

  • Continuously corresponding with the employee verbally and in writing throughout the length of the approved leave

  • Maintain the employee’s leave coordination, integration and eligible benefits throughout the length of the approved leave

If the employee does not return to work because they are not “fit for duty” due to disability and/or voluntary or involuntary termination, the location Human Resources will:

  • Consult with the employee on applicable leave and benefit issues

  • Provide the employee with paperwork applicable for voluntary or involuntary termination

  • If appropriate, provide the employee with paperwork to continue medical dental and life insurance with continuation of benefits or COBRA

  • If retiring, provide the employee with retiree insurance enrollment paperwork and retiree benefits consultation

  • Process all applicable forms with the DCCCD or other external agencies

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