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Faculty Leave Banking

HROG Section:
Work/Life Benefits Leave
Document Title:
Faculty Leave Banking
Initial Date Posted:
Nov. 27, 2007
Board Approval:
Applies To:
Full-Time Faculty
Related TASB Policy:
Last Date Revised:
The Chancellor’s Cabinet has revised the guidelines for Faculty Leave Banking Program. This HROG contains guidelines and links to forms (see below) you will need to understand your options.  

  1. Letter to Faculty – Updated Policy to provide a clear process and procedures for submitting Faculty Leave Banking

  2. FAQ -  A list of important questions and answers.

  3. Faculty Leave Banking Agreement -  The business office is exploring developing a screen in Colleague to capture leave banking (this language will change)

  4. Request for Approval to Take Banked Leave – This form is used only at the point when your want to exercise your leave privileges under the Leave Banking policy.


Guidelines for Faculty Leave Banking Program

  1. Purpose
    • The purpose of the Leave Banking Program is to encourage and facilitate faculty professional development/renewal by providing a mechanism in which future reduced load or professional leave can be planned for and earned in advance.  The teaching load reduction or leave which accrues to a participating faculty member in an agreed upon term shall be used for professional development activities at the discretion of the faculty member.  A personal/professional development plan outlining activities must be submitted. (to whom)  

    • Leave Banking is a program in which eligible full-time faculty members in effect earn compensatory time off through extra service duties.  Extra service for purposes of this program includes any extra service contract by a faculty member.  It is understood that in exchange for foregoing compensation, such advance service will diminish the faculty member’s subsequent load in an agreed upon future semester.  Consequently, a faculty member may “bank” sufficient advance load credits to earn either a reduced load assignment or up to 100 percent reduced load assignment in a future semester. One semester of banked leave equals 120 percent of full-time faculty load earned through extra service.  Partial reduced leave banking loads require a minimum of 24 percent of load banked for every 20 percent taken.    




  1. An individual may begin “banking” advance load credits after three (3) years of continuous full-time faculty service.

  2. Once earned, can be faculty member use a portion of the time off in the fall semester and the remainder in the spring semester of the same academic year? Yes, a reduced teaching load (taken over two semesters within a 24-month period) or leave for a full load may be taken under this program once in any three (3) year period, and cannot exceed one semester's absence from duties.

  3. Once 120 percent of load is earned, no additional classes can be banked until a semester off is taken.


  1. During a period of earned professional leave accrued from the banking of approved extra-service assignments undertaken within this program, the participating faculty member receives full pay and benefits with no loss of longevity status for benefits purposes.

  2. Any eligible full-time faculty member may participate in the Leave Banking Program. During a semester it is possible for a faculty member to have both a contract for compensation and a contract for leave banking.  All load reductions and leaves earned through this program shall be covered through extra service compensation unless the college president deems it necessary to replace with a full-time or partial faculty contract.

  3. Extra-service assignments can be banked over a period of six fiscal years.  Leave must be taken (including two semesters of reduced load) no later than the end of the seventh fiscal year.  No more than the equivalent of 120 percent of load can be banked before leave must be taken.

  4. For faculty members electing to participate in Leave Banking, the banked extra-service compensation, computed at the faculty extra service payment rate in effect at the time the assignment is banked, is held by the DCCCD in a special account.  Once participation in the program is initiated, the faculty member cannot terminate from the program except for the following reasons:

    • Termination of employment including transfer to a non-eligible position, i.e. administrative or support staff

    • Disability of the participant Death of the participant. 

    • Payment is made to the estate of a participating faculty member upon his/her death.  

Any payment made in lieu of taking banked leave will not include interest and is at the extra-service amount in effect at the time the leave was banked.


5. The faculty member and the appropriate administrator will confirm the intention to use the leave at least one long semester or two semesters within a 24-month period before the beginning of the semester in which the banked leave will be used by completion of the required form.  A request to change the semester will be approved if it can be accommodated administratively after review and approval by the appropriate vice president and president.
6. While on banked leave, the faculty member may not receive extra service contracts or bank more leave.
7. Partial leave is calculated as a percent of 120 percent load.  During a semester of reduced load, office hours or other responsibilities assigned to the faculty member are recalculated proportionately.  Whether taking reduced load (taken over two semesters within a 24-month period) or a full load over one semester, 120 percent of load must first be banked. A total of 100% of load must be taken before any additional classes can be banked.
8. The leave banking program will be reviewed annually during February or March by the Chancellor’s Cabinet and the Faculty Council.
9. Income tax and deductions for retirement contributions on the leave banking earnings is payable when the leave is taken or when the faculty member received the actual earnings as described in 4.

Employee Responsibility

HR Responsibility

Exceptions To Policy

Other Notes

Approval: Approval required as indicated on the Leave Banking form.

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