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Educational Stipend

HROG Section:
Work/Life Benefits/Employment
Document Title:

Educational Stipend for Professional Support Staff and Administrators
Initial Date Posted:
Board Approval:
February 5, 2008
Applies To:
Professional Support Staff and Administrative Employees Earning Degrees
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:
DEB (local)
Last Date Revised:
This benefit provides the opportunity for full-time professional support staff and administrators to be awarded a one-time stipend upon the completion of a higher education degree from a regionally accredited United States institution. The value of this stipend would be determined according to the type of degree earned (ranging from an associates degree to earned doctorate), and the degree must be related to the employee’s work in the DCCCD.  

The stipend would be applicable only through the attainment of a progressively higher degree. For example, an employee who currently holds a Masters degree could receive a stipend upon the completion of a doctorate, but would not receive a stipend upon the attainment of a second Masters degree.   

This stipend is available to full-time professional support staff and/or administrators earning degrees beginning September 1, 2007, and beyond. No degrees earned prior to this date are eligible for this award. 

The College may request that an employee obtain a degree in a field other than one in which they have already obtained a degree for the benefit of the College/District. The Degree may be lower than their highest degree obtained. In these special cases the location cabinet member may authorize the payment of the stipend once the degree is conferred and District Human Resources receives the appropriate documents. 


To acknowledge DCCCD employees for their commitment of professional development in the continuation of their education.




The award for each degree is as follows:  

Associates Degree  $ 500.00
Bachelors Degree  1,000.00
Masters Degree  1,500.00
Doctorate 2,000.00


To be eligible to apply for the stipend, the employee must: 

  • be currently active with a minimum of 12-months continuous employment.
  • be a full-time employee at the time of receiving the stipend.
  • complete appropriate forms and secure location approvals upon entering the final semester of the degree plan.



Employee Responsibility

The employee will complete appropriate forms and secure location approvals upon entering the final semester of the degree plan. Copies of the signed form will be provided by the employee to the location Human Resources office. When the degree is conferred, the employee will provide the location Human Resources office written notification of the attainment of the degree and will provide official college transcripts directly to the Human Resources office. It is the employee's responsibility to request that official college transcripts be forwarded from the institution granting the degree to the location Human Resources office.

HR Responsibility

District Human Resources will be responsible for the creation and review of the process, procedures and forms for this program and will review and report participation in the benefit to the Chancellor and Board annually.  

Location human resources personnel are responsible for verifying certification of the degree through the attainment and review of the official college transcript showing the degree earned and date conferred and will implement the stipend per the timeline noted.  The location Human Resources office will advise District Human Resources of stipends awarded by October of each year.

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