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TRS Rule of 80

HROG Section:
Resigning/Retiring from Employment
Document Title:
TRS Rule of 80
Initial Date Posted:
Board Approval:
Applies To:
Employees considering retirement.
Related TASB Policy:
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Under Teachers Retirement System (TRS) guidelines, a TRS member who meets their guidelines may retire under the Rule of 80 using any combination of age and service credit totaling 80.



In order to meet the Rule of 80 an employee:

Must be full time in a benefits eligible position, and

Age and years of service credit must total 80 with at least 5 years of service credit in TRS.


Employee Responsibility

HR Responsibility

Exceptions To Policy

A TRS contributing employee must have at least 5 years of service credit with TRS to meet the Rule of 80.

An ORP contributing employees is only required to meet the Rule of 80 through a combination of years of service and age totaling 80, but is not required to have 5 years of service credit with TRS.

Disclaimer: The Teachers Retirement System of Texas (TRS) is the entity responsible for determining retirement eligibility requirements/criteria.

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