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Vice Chancellor Search Process

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Steps in a Vice Chancellor Search Process
Initial Date Posted:
Spring 2005
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District Human Resources
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Last Date Revised:
Summer 2006






Upon a vacancy, the chancellor identifies an interim or other temporary appointment(s) (as needed) and announces to the location/district.

District Human Resources provides the chancellor with a draft of the job description for review and approval. Advertising is prepared and placed, with additional mailings to a variety of community college leaders and others throughout the country.

The Chancellor determines if the position will be opened exclusively to internal candidates and advises District Human Resources and advertising is prepared.  For an internal search, the vacancy is posted on the DCCCD Intranet for a two week period and is not made available outside the DCCCD.  If after two weeks it is determined that the internal-only search has not generated an applicant pool that is broad and/or diverse, the Chancellor may opt to open the search externally.  If the search is open externally, it will be advertised both inside and outside the DCCCD with additional mailings to a variety of community college leaders and others throughout the country.  At this time, all internal candidates will be notified in writing of the status of the search.  Additionally, those internal candidates who did not meet minimum requirements will be advised that they will not continue in the search.
The chancellor appoints a search team and a chair with input from his executive staff. The total number to serve on the search team will vary at the chancellor's discretion, but will be diverse in ethnicity and gender. (For spring 2005 searches, the committee makeup will include a designated cabinet member as chair, one current college president, two additional administrators, the chair of the district Administrators Council or her designee, the district Faculty Association president or his designee, and the district PSSA president or his designee. In addition, a community representative may be appointed as needed.) Each search team member is required to sign a Search Process Acknowledgement Form (PDF - 65KB) confirming that confidentiality will be maintained.

The chancellor will charge the search team to be facilitated by District Human Resources. As a part of the charge by the chancellor, a formal timeline for the screening team will be provided. The search team is responsible for developing a systematic application screening plan and interview approach, conducting interviews and providing a slate of finalists to the chancellor for consideration.  (Note:  in an internal search, the search committee is required to review all qualified applicant files and interview all qualified candidates)

Applications and required collateral materials will be accepted by District Human Resources. District Human Resources will review each application as it is received and will forward qualified individuals to the search team for an initial "paper screening." Applications from internal and external candidates will be considered equally.

The search team will interview all candidates in an internal search.  In turn, they are responsible for narrowing the pool to no more than 2 candidates to be recommended to the Chancellor for additional consideration.   Candidates not selected to move forward will be notified after the search team makes their recommendation to the Chancellor.   The search team will agree on a slate of 8-10 candidates to be interviewed for an external search.  This group is responsible for narrowing the pool to 3-5 candidates who will be recommended to the Chancellor for additional consideration.  Finalists will be presented to the Chancellor unranked with a summary of strengths and weaknesses identified for each finalist.  District Human Resources will attend all search team meetings, discussions/interviews as the Chancellor's designee. All location search team deliberations are to remain confidential.

The chancellor will interview the candidates recommended forward by the search team, check references and perform additional interviews/visitation as required.

The District Human Resources Office bears the costs in assigned searches, including but not limited to advertising and direct mailing, visitation costs, candidate travel expenses, off-site rental of meeting space and refreshments.

The chancellor will complete his review of the finalists and make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

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