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Internship and Job Shadowing Programs

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Internship Programs and DCCCD Job Shadowing Programs
Initial Date Posted:
July 7, 2008
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District Human Resources
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DD (Local)
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Internship Programs offered by DCCCD


The Chancellor, Vice Chancellors and College Presidents have the authority to approve and assign interns as they deem necessary.  This is done with the understanding that they are responsible for costs associated with these programs.  In the event that compensation of the intern is involved, the intern shall be compensated according to the salary schedule [see DEA]. Such interns shall not  be deemed permanent employees of the College District. Personnel who are already employees of the College District may be placed in internship for training, but no additional compensation or benefits shall accrue.  The timeline of these internships is determined by location/departmental need and documented on appropriate forms.  

Additionally, the Chancellor or designee may negotiate with area colleges and universities for the placement of masters and doctoral program interns in College District assignments. Individuals seeking an internship opportunity of this type are subject to approval by the DCCCD Board of Trustees, will generally work one to two semesters at a college or location and may receive up to $20,000 per semester for living expenses.  Exceptions must be discussed by the location President with the Chancellor.   

Current DCCCD employees in masters’ or doctoral programs that are seeking internship opportunities through this program will not receive additional salary dollars for their participation in the program.

Career Development And Renewal Program  

This program is designed to facilitate internal training of DCCCD staff for renewal and to enhance experience and knowledge in the DCCCD.  Eligibility is open to faculty, staff and administrators with one year of experience in the current role.  The CDRP program offers three types of developmental activities:  

  • Special Project Endeavor—where a special project is carried out under the supervision of an appropriate mentor.  

  • Understudy Opportunity—where a participant would learn more about a particular area while working with a full-time person.  An understudy may typically spend one day a week with the mentor.  

  • CDRP Internship Experience—where the participant performs in the role of an incumbent who is on leave, or serving in a position that is presently vacant.  The intern would generally have the next-level supervisor as the mentor.

DCCCD Career Institute Internship

Opportunities for internship experiences are available to participants in the DCCCD Career Institutes.  Under these programs, participants may serve as unpaid interns under an appropriate administrator.  As learning outcomes often vary, there is not a set duration of time for an internship to last.  The Vice Chancellor in collaboration with the participant and location personnel involved in the internship experience will set the duration of the internship in accordance with the scope of the learning outcomes.  While participating in an internship, the intern will work closely with the assigned administrator and will be provided the opportunity to experience first hand the intricacies of the role.  The intern is expected to report back on their internship experience.

Location Responsibility  

It is the responsibility of the location President to work with the appropriate Vice Chancellor to secure funding (if needed) for their intern.    

It is the responsibility of the location President to prepare the appropriate Board paperwork to submit administrative interns.   

It is the responsibility of the location President and/or designee to provide a meaningful internship experience for the intern.  Activities such as mentoring and shadowing are strongly recommended.

District Human Resources  

District Human Resources will prepare Board items and create contracts as needed for Interns through this program.  In addition, they will advise the Chancellor on a yearly basis of the number of interns supported.

About the DCCCD Job Shadowing Program  

A Job Shadowing experience gives interested DCCCD employees the opportunity to learn more about a specific DCCCD area or position while working with a full-time employee who is serving in that specific title.  In this program, the incumbent will typically spend time with the full-time employee and will “shadow” him/her and participate in a variety of activities to become fully engaged with the roles and responsibilities of the particular title.  Projects may be assigned as a part of the experience.  

A Job Shadowing experience is possible for faculty, administrators and professional support staff seeking to enhance their experience and knowledge in the district and may also be a part of the DCCCD Career Institute curriculum.   

To be eligible for participation in this experience, the interested employee, must be a current, full-time faculty, administrator or professional support staff with a minimum of one year of full-time experience.  If not a current Career Institute participant, the employee may participate in a job shadowing experience at the request of the location President/Vice Chancellor.  Employees participating in this program are participating on a voluntary basis and no salary adjustment is to occur.






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