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Hiring Process: Administrator and PSS Positions

HROG Section:
Document Title:
Hiring Process for Administrative and Professional Support Staff Positions
Initial Date Posted:
October 1, 1999
Board Approval:
Applies To:
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:
Last Date Revised:
Spring 2008






  1. Affects the hiring process for all posted vacancies in the administrator and professional support staff categories.
  2. Position Vacancy Notice is collaboratively drafted with the first level supervisor, campus/location Human Resources and District Human Resources (if advance recruitment assistance is requested).  The Position Vacancy Notice is then sent to District Human Resources for advertising and internal/external recruiting.
  3. The Location Human Resources Office is responsible for screening applicants for minimums.  For internal candidates, the HR office at the hiring location is responsible for contacting the applicant’s home location HR office to verify employment status (i.e., probation, workers’ compensation, disability leave, etc.)  In order to be considered for another position within the District an internal candidate must be on active status and not on decision making leave or probation.  Further, the location HR Director or designee is responsible for reviewing the diversity of the pool of qualified applicants and making recommendations on extending the advertising to the Chancellor’s Cabinet Member at the location.
  4. The first level supervisor is responsible for a systematic review of the qualified applicants.
  5. For any vacancy (faculty, administrator or PSS), interviews of all qualified DCCCD full-time Professional Support Staff employees are required.
  6. For administrative positions related to instruction, the location administration in concert with the location Faculty Association President, is responsible for identifying a small (generally 3-5 individuals), diverse search team to review the candidates forwarded by the supervisor.  Note for all searches using a search team:  All search team members are required to sign a "Search Process Acknowledgement Form" confirming that confidentiality will be maintained.
  7. This team is to be directed to review the job description, discuss specifics as needed with the first level supervisor (who may participate in all search team activities), and interview the candidates in a systematic way.  The search committees will be trained at each location. The training will focus on all components of the hiring process with continuing emphasis on the DCCCD 's commitment to equal opportunity. The search team is responsible for providing information on the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate to the first level supervisor. The use of a search team as referenced in #6 above is optional in all searches for Professional Support Staff employees, and for administrators not directly involved in instruction. If using a search committee, it will be trained at each location. The training will focus on all components of the hiring process with continuing emphasis on the DCCCD 's commitment to equal opportunity.
  8. The location administration reviews the search team feedback, narrows the finalists as needed, sets additional interviews as needed and prepares a recommendation for hiring the chosen individual.  The first level supervisor confers with the location Human Resource Director or designee to complete appropriate reference checks.
  9. The location Chancellor’s Cabinet member is responsible for making the formal recommendation for hire on all administrative appointments.  Such a recommendation includes notice to the applicant that, upon approval by the Board of Trustees, an offer of employment will be made.  The Chancellor’s Cabinet member may inform the applicant of the terms and conditions of employment.

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