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Acting Appointment

HROG Section:
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Acting Appointments
Initial Date Posted:
February 2010
Board Approval:
Applies To:
District Human Resources
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A reference of employment services terms, processes and/or definitions for supervisors and staff.





Acting Appointment: An acting appointment may be used to temporarily fill a vacancy created by a leave of absence or a reassignment of an incumbent into an interim position. Employees serving in an acting role will not receive additional compensation for performing the duties of that role, but will gain experience serving in the role. An acting appointment is considered a temporary appointment and can be used to temporarily fill positions on the PSS and Administrative salary schedules. The acting role is an unofficial role and is only to be used when filling a vacancy for short period of time (typically not to exceed 1 year).

Board approval is not required to place an employee in an acting role when the role is slotted on the same salary schedule and in same range/band as the employee. Acting appointments should not cross over from one salary schedule to another or from one range to another.

Acting appointments are tracked by location and District Human Resources as a part of employment services reporting to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees on an annual basis. Employees placed in an acting role, while not required, should meet the minimum position requirements.

Employees may be placed in an acting role when a position is open or when necessitated by location/department need. Employees selected to be placed into an acting role, must be desiring or willing to assume the role (understanding that no compensation or change in status will occur) and are to be provided support and coaching from the hiring supervisor.

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