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HR Procedures for Criminal Background Check Form Processing

HROG Section:
Document Title:
Human Resources Procedures for Processing for CBC Documentation Handling
Initial Date Posted:
March 8, 2006
Board Approval:
Applies To:
District HR and Location HR Role in Handling Paper/Forms Related to Criminal Background Checks
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:
Last Date Revised:

The growing concern of transmitting personal criminal background information for current and/or potential employees in interoffice mail has prompted a change in the manner in which criminal background requests are submitted to District Human Resources.

The following new process will be utilized, beginning Monday, March 13, 2006, to ensure that all employee and/or potential employee information is maintained within the human resources office departments, and to eliminate personal information being routed via interoffice mail.

Campus Role

  1. The campus will image Criminal Background Request Forms into the PaperWise Imaging System.

  2. Documents should be saved into:
  • File Cabinet: C-Human Resources – Restricted
  • Document Category: CBC
  • Document Type: Criminal Background Check

District Human Resources Role

  1. District Human Resources will search and print all documents scanned into system the prior working day. (e.g. Monday images will be printed and processed on Tuesday)

  2. If CBC request is incomplete an email will be sent to the campus/location to have further information submitted before proceeding.

  3. If CBC request is complete District Human Resources will submit the CBC request.

  4. Upon receipt of results District Human Resources will inform campus/location of result via email.

Forms Retention/Destruction

Campus/Location - After the results have been relayed to the campus/location, the original Criminal Background Check Request form will be shredded and destroyed.

District Human Resources – Retains complete Criminal Background Check file for the required retention period of five years.

DHR/Spring, 2006






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