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Workplace Visitors

HROG Section:
Document Title:
Workplace Visitors
Initial Date Posted:
Spring 2001
Board Approval:
Applies To:
All DCCCD Employees
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:
Last Date Revised:


As revised based on discussion with the Chancellor's Cabinet March 5, 2001

Dallas County Community College District values its employees and strives to support them through the employment policies and benefits that it adopts. While the district seeks to focus on providing an environment open to work and family issues, it also believes that the workplace should not be used in lieu of a child care provider.

Further, the district believes that it is inappropriate for minor children of employees to be in work areas during work hours for several reasons: the potential liability to the district, risk of harm to the children, and decreased employee productivity due to distractions and disruptions.

It is the district's policy that minor children of employees not be present at an employee's work site - for example, office, classroom, etc. - in lieu of other child care arrangements during the employee's work hours.

This policy is not intended, however, to prohibit children from the campus when the purpose of their visit is to attend classes, to gain occasional informal introductions to the college environment, or to participate in activities specifically scheduled for their benefit. Further, the supervisor may approve short-term exceptions for an emergency, or other non-routine, presence of an employee's child(ren) in the office.

Please check with location Human Resources for other policies in place regarding visitors.
Employees who do not abide by this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.





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