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Non-Renewal of Contract - Prior Notification for Faculty

HROG Section:
Document Title:
Non-Renewal of Contract - Prior Notification for Faculty
Initial Date Posted:
Feb. 25, 2002  - effective Spring 2002
Board Approval:
Applies To:
All Full-time Faculty
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:
Last Date Revised:



Requirements outlined in section 51.943 of the Texas Education Code related to procedures governing employment contracts for faculty members at public institutions of higher education. Effective January 1, 2002 and applicable only to contracts issued after that date, the following notice related to Non-Renewal of a Faculty Contract is required.

In the event of a non-renewal of a faculty contract, the institution shall provide the faculty member written notification that the institution will not be making an offer of a subsequent contract 60 days prior to the termination of the current contract.




Employee Responsibility

HR Responsibility

District Human Resources has provided each location HR Director a form letter-type notification to be sent to faculty members on temporary contracts. The location human resources office will provide the supervisor the necessary forms and letter to present to the faculty member (by March 1, yearly). Copies of documents are to be provided to the location and District HR Offices for use when preparing the annual Board recommendation (May of each year).

Exceptions To Policy

Other Notes

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