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Internal Promotions

HROG Section:
Document Title:
Internal Promotions
Initial Date Posted:
May 9, 2005
Board Approval:
Applies To:
Full-time DCCCD Administrators and Professional Support Staff
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:
Last Date Revised:
Fall 2006 and Approved by Chancellor's Cabinet 1/29/2007



The Dallas County Community College District values the strong commitment and qualifications of the current and ongoing staff of the system and are strongly aligned toward the satisfaction of the Board priorities, including improving the diversity of the staff who serve our significantly diverse student body. To that end, the internal promotion policy is designed to be used in exceptional circumstances and is not available as a standard option for each position vacancy. 




2.     This procedure is available for use with: 

a.   All full-time professional support staff employees, not on probation, are eligible for promotion to another professional support staff position after serving the system for 12 months.
b. All banded administrative employees are eligible for promotion to another banded administrative position, after serving the system for 12 months.
  c. All unbanded administrative employees are eligible for promotion to another unbanded administrative position, after serving the system for 12 months.


3.    Timing:

  a. Satisfying all other requirements in this procedure, changes in assignment for professional support staff employees may occur at any time during a fiscal year. 
  b. Generally, changes impacting individuals on contract, and subject to normal Board approvals, will occur on September 1, consistent with the beginning of the fiscal year. 

4.     Consideration for internal promotion:

a.   Supervisors will encourage all assigned employees to take advantage of training and development opportunities to prepare for future career advancement. 
  b. When a vacancy occurs or a new position is identified, an internal promotion without external District advertising will be considered if one or more of the following conditions are met:
i. The positions are in the same department, and one position genuinely prepares the incumbent for the next.

The incumbent has already demonstrated the ability to perform the higher job and meets all educational/experience requirements for the position, but in no event will the incumbent be promoted to a position more than two ranges above the current placement, or between classifications (i.e. an internal promotion from PSS to administrative is not possible except in the following instances: 

On occasion, through the regular or ad-hoc job evaluation process, it is determined a PSS incumbent is performing administrator-level duties on a day-to-day basis and in many instances these duties are not currently reflected on their job description.  According to FLSA if these duties encompass at least 50% of the scope of the incumbent's position, then a recommendation will be made to the Chancellor for an upgrade to an existing administrative job title or a recommended new administrative job title otherwise,  the administrative duties must be removed.   Please note that if during the regular job evaluation cycle, it is discovered that an incumbent is performing administrative-level duties that scope 50% or more of their position, the incumbent will be removed from the regular job evaluation cycle and the supervisor notified to take immediate action via either a request to promote or the revisiting of position duties.

If departmental need necessitates an existing PSS position be moved to the administrative salary schedule, the supervisor will initiate a request for an ad hoc job evaluation following normal location channels. District Human Resources will conduct the review and return a recommendation to the location CEO for approval.

***Please note the employee must meet minimum position requirements.


The incumbent has met all requirements for the higher position, including but not limited to education and experience. 


The cost center and/or area staffing positively reflects the diversity of students and communities served. 


The unique and specialized requirements of the open position justify promotion of an internal individual possessing the special qualification to meet those requirements. 

vi. The potential for layoff of one or more individuals due to budget considerations exists.       

5.         Process for requesting an internal promotion: 

   a.  A formal request for consideration will be completed by the hiring supervisor and forwarded through channels to the location CEO, including: 

i.   A memorandum of justification including the details confirming items noted, the productivity impacts and costs associated, etc. 

A current summary listing of all employees in the department, including gender, ethnicity and longevity, including those individuals who are qualified to be considered for the promotion. 

b. The CEO will review and consider the request, taking into account all aspects of a reorganization, and consult with Chancellor.
c. If authorized by the Chancellor, the location CEO will notify the hiring supervisor who will make those individuals eligible to be considered for the internal promotion aware of the opportunity, asking for:

i. A memorandum of interest in being considered;
ii. An updated DCCCD application and related transcripts (if applicable);
iii. Other information the individual believes is pertinent to the consideration.      
d. In consideration of internal promotions when more than one candidate is interested, the hiring supervisor will use an affirmation process as follows: 


 Will interview each declared candidate personally.

ii. Will review the most recent three years of evaluations, or as much as available.

From the interview, evaluations, and knowledge of department needs, the first-level supervisor will recommend a secondary interview for the chosen incumbent with the second-level supervisor. 


If selection is unconfirmed, the incumbents considered for the internal promotion will be notified that the position will be posted for consideration of a broader pool of candidates, and they will be encouraged to apply.

6. Annual review of the procedure will be conducted by the Chancellor's Cabinet, to re-affirm the applicability and effectiveness.

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