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Interim Positions

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Interim Positions
Initial Date Posted:
May 1, 1995; approved by the Chancellor's Cabinet on April 17, 1995
Board Approval:
Applies To:
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:
Last Date Revised:
Revised 2/2010
Revised 5/2014 (effective immediately)


While the Dallas County Community College District uses a formal and inclusive process for the search and appointment of full-time faculty, administrators and professional support staff, it is sometimes important to fill positions on an interim basis.



Interim positions are temporary appointments and will not extend beyond a two year time frame. The location President/Vice Chancellor must obtain the approval of the Chancellor prior to extending an interim appointment beyond two years. Unlike the “acting” role, where the incumbent fills the position in order to gain skills or experience, the interim role, in some instances, may necessitate that the incumbent receive a payroll and/or business and travel allowance adjustment through the duration of the appointment.  Upon completion of the assignment, a recalculation of salary will be made to return the incumbent to the salary earned prior to the interim appointment, plus any yearly salary adjustments (when applicable).  


Incumbents recommended to fill positions on an interim basis must meet the minimum requirements for the interim position.  Interim positions require recommendation to and approval of the DCCCD Board of Trustees prior to the commencement of the interim role. 



  • Vacant full-time faculty positions may be filled by the appointment of a temporary full-time member.

  • Temporary full-time faculty members may apply for any "regular"/competitively filled faculty positions, including the position he/she filled on a temporary basis.

  • Temporary full-time faculty may not serve in the same faculty position for more than two years.


  • An individual may be asked and/or selected to serve in an interim role when a position is vacant.  

  • An administrator, serving in an interim assignment that is slotted in a band equal to, or higher than, their current, can receive the same salary as a "regular"/competitive placement for the duration in the interim role. The college president will review salary placement with the Executive Vice Chancellor, or designee prior to board recommendation. Salary adjustments made for service in interim roles are only for the period of time that the administrator serves in the interim role. Upon completion of the assignment, a recalculation of salary will be made to return the incumbent to the salary earned prior to the interim appointment, plus any yearly salary adjustments (when applicable).

  • For banded positions: In order to ensure that the affairs of the District/College are managed without interruption, individuals, serving in interim roles are eligible to apply for "regular"/competitively filled position once it is advertised.  It will not be necessary for the person in the interim role to abandon the interim position, in order to apply for the permanent position.  There are no guarantees that this individual serving in the interim role will be selected for "regular"/competitively filled position, however, everyone is encouraged to apply. 

  • For unbanded positions: Individuals serving in an interim capacity will neither apply, nor be considered to fill the "regular"/competitively filled position.

It is recommended that when filling Interim roles serious consideration is given to employees who meet the minimums and who have completed the relevant Career Institutes.  A list of individuals who have completed the Career Institutes can be obtained from the District Office of Organizational Development or from District Human Resources.

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