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Alternative Contract Guidelines

HROG Section:
Employee Classifications
Document Title:
Alternative Contract Guidelines - Faculty  
Initial Date Posted:
Aug. 9, 2004
Board Approval:
Applies To:
Applies to Current and New Full-time DCCCD Faculty
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:

DEA (Local)
DDA (legal)
Last Date Revised:


The college initiates alternative contracts to better meet student and program needs.





A.  Justification must be made to the Chancellor by the college present establishing the need for an alternative contract, based on a demonstrated student, program, and/or college needs.

B.  If a current position is changed from the standard faculty contract to an alternative contract, the announcement of this change must be made by January, prior to the following fall semester. For a faculty to be hired on an alternative contract, "alternative contract" is written into the job vacancy notification, articulating the length of the contract and the job duties. The options for extra service contracts and faculty premium pay should also be part of the job vacancy notice if they are viable options as determined b the college president.

C.  Current faculty will be provided detailed information about the proposed alternative contract including the job duties, length of contract, salary, options for extra service, and option for faculty premium pay. No current faculty will be moved to an alternative contract without their consent.

D.  The movement of a current faculty member to an alternative contract is based on mutual consent and consideration of the needs of students, programs and the college.

E.  If more than one current faculty member shows such an interest in moving to the alternative contract, the college president and dean will interview each interested faculty member and make a decision about which person would best meet the needs of the students, program, college.

F.  If no current faculty member on a campus consents to move to the alternative contract, then the position is opened to the district faculty through an internal transfer opportunity at the same time the position is advertised as a job vacancy following the same process as New Positions.

G.  Faculty who are requested to move to an alternative contract will retain the ability to receive a three (3) year contract as afforded all other faculty. For new hires, after completion of three (3) years on a one-year only regular or alternative contract, the faculty member is eligible for a three (3) year contract, as other faculty members.

H.  If a current faculty member is to be offered an alternative contract, the faculty member would remain on the standard contract through the current contract's period. It is expected that the alternative contract would be agreed to and signed (based on contractual recommendation) prior to the summer. If the needs of the college change as identified in "A" above, or if the faculty member requests consideration, a faculty member who has accepted an alternative contract may move to a standard contract or a new alternative contract by mutual consent.

I.  Initial placement on salary schedule as described in DEA (REGULATION - Salaries).

J.  Faculty on alternative contracts may engage in assigned duties beyond the normal faculty contract , including options for faculty premium pay.

K.  Faculty with alternative contracts are still expected to engage in teaching for a majority of the workload (DDA-Legal).

L.  Faculty on alternative contracts will undergo the same evaluation process as all faculty. 

Employee Responsibility

HR Responsibility

Exceptions To Policy

Other Notes

10 month contract is equal to 195 days
10 and one half month contract is equal to 206 days
11 month contract is equal to 217 days

Alternative contracts must be on 12 month payout.

Faculty accrue 10 sick days (60 hours) and 2 ext (12 hours) per academic year.  Sick leave to be prorated if less than full academic year.

Notice of non-renewal of Alternative contract must occur 60 days before the end of the contract.

Alternative Faculty contracts may cross academic years and the faculty evaluation system will be adjusted accordingly.

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