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Stipend for Work w/Career Institutes

HROG Section:
Document Title:
Stipend for Work with DCCCD Career Institutes
Initial Date Posted:
Approved June 9, 2008 (Chancellor’s Staff)
Board Approval:
Applies To:
All DCCCD Employees
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:
Last Date Revised:



The DCCCD Career Institutes are a systematic approach to career and professional development for faculty and staff.  Designed to give the participants a more competitive edge as District openings occur, these institutes offer a variety of educational programs in the areas of Basic Leadership, Instructional Administration, Student Services, Human Resources, Executive Assistant and Business Services to foster and promote:

  • Career planning and development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Professional development opportunities in targeted jobs and professional areas
Each academy consists of a rigorous curriculum of courses and/or training events designed to identify individual career goals, develop career plans, chart a career opportunity path within the District and pursue the appropriate development activities that are aligned with the career goals of the individual.  With the successful completion of the curriculum the employee will be awarded a Certificate of Mastery in the program area. 


Career Institute programs/classes are developed and taught or facilitated by current DCCCD faculty and staff.  Individuals who develop materials for a DCCCD Career Institute will receive a stipend as designated in the table below.  Specific guidelines regarding the development of Career Institute materials are:

  • Content developers will sign a contract from District Human and Organizational Development agreeing to the following:

    • A stipend will be paid (see chart), for the development of materials for career institutes.  This stipend is paid approximately one (1) month following the development and release of the program/materials.  A copy of the final power-point document is required to be attached to the signed contract.

    • All materials developed for career institute use are the property of the Dallas County Community College District. 

    • The development of course/materials can only be done outside of the incumbent’s normally scheduled work hours.

    • At the discretion of the Vice Chancellor of Human and Organizational Development, employees may be engaged to present materials outside the scope of their regular full-time role in the DCCCD and receive a stipend.  An approved leave form showing vacation is required prior to the employee making the presentation.

    • Employees developing materials directly-related only to those things within the scope of their responsibility, are not eligible for a stipend.  (For example, an HR employee developing a module for an HR institute will not receive a stipend)

  • As determined by program/institute need, an extra service contract at the minimum rate for Band IV on the Administrator Salary Schedule may be offered for the development and management of a curriculum model for a career institute.  This extra-service contract (not to exceed 140 hours per semester) is offered for project development and includes subsequent project management responsibilities duties that  encompass program development, serving as project leader/manager to other program developers and reporting progress to the District Office of Human and Organizational Development leadership. 

Potential Development Stipend

$250 stipend* Program material to span ½ day
$350 stipend* Program material to span 1 day
$500 stipend* Program material spanning 1+ days 

*additional dollars may be paid for development of additional modules for career institutes.

District Human and Organizational Development will utilize a variety of individuals each semester to develop and/or facilitate career institutes and programs.  Employees interested in serving in this role should notify the District Director of Human and Organizational Development, directly.




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