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Initial Salary Placement, Job Evaluation and Competitive Salary Offer

HROG Section:
Document Title:
Initial Salary Placement, Placement via Job Evaluation and Competitive Salary Adjustments
Initial Date Posted:
July 31, 2000 (Policy Approval)
Board Approval:
Applies To:
Administrators and Professional Support Staff
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:
Last Date Revised:






Initial Salary Placement

Administrators - up to the first quartile of the range with location Cabinet member approval. Consideration of salary offer above the first quartile must be reviewed with District Human Resources and may require the review and approval of the Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources - Operations of Services and/or the Chancellor.

Professional Support Staff-up to 10 percent over the minimum for the range assigned. Consideration of salary offer above 10 percent must be requested by the Cabinet member and confirmed by District Human Resources.
Salary Placement Based on Job Evaluation
Administrators-only available for implementation on September 1. Promotion increase (when individual is recommended for assignment to a new band) is 7 percent or the new minimum, whichever is greater.
Professional Support Staff-available for implementation throughout the year. When an individual is recommended for assignment to a new range or salary schedule the salary adjustment is 7 percent or the new minimum, whichever is greater, for the newly created position. If the recommendation moves the employee to an existing position in a higher range the cabinet member may request a management decision adjustment of 7 percent if greater than the minimum.
Competition Salary Adjustments

  • Affects both administrators and professional support staff.
  • May be used throughout the year.
  • If an employee competes and wins a new position which has been advertised internally or externally, the initial salary offer may be negotiated between the hiring location/supervisor and the employee using the initial salary placement rules outlined above.
  • The home location cabinet member may match another District salary offer, as long as it fits within the range assigned to the position held, as needed, in order to encourage the employee to remain at the current location. This is not mandated, but optional, at the location cabinet member's discretion.

Employee Responsibility

HR Responsibility

Exceptions To Policy

Other Notes

Sample Offer of Employment Letter

Offer letter language should be similar to the following. The areas italicized are to be filled in to match the specifics of the position being offered:

(Current Date)

We are delighted that you applied for our posted position (position title). We are pleased to offer this position to you.

The Job Title Code for this position is (Job Title Code), the official job description is attached for your files. This position is slotted on the (Administrative or Professional Support Staff) salary schedule in Range (list range). Your monthly salary, should you accept our offer will be (salary amount). (Include this sentence for administrative appointments only) You will also receive a monthly business and travel amount of (list amount).

Please advise me at (phone number or address) by (date) of your acceptance of this offer so that we may schedule your reporting date.


(Supervisor Name and Title)

cc: Location Director, Human Resources

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