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Internet Stipend

HROG Section:
Document Title:
Internet Stipend
Initial Date Posted:
September 1, 2008
Board Approval:
Applies To:
Employees who telecommute under DI Regulations, IT employee who provide IT support after hours from home
District Human Resources and District Business Affairs
Related TASB Policy:
DJ (local)
Last Date Revised:



Contingent with location CEO approval, this benefit will provide eligible telecommuters and eligible information technology employees who are regularly required to provide IT support after hours from home a monthly stipend of $50 to offset the cost of connecting to the internet. 



Employees eligible for an internet stipend are those employees who: 

  1. Telecommute under DJ (regulation), contingent with location chief executive officer (CEO) approval of the stipend, or

  2. provide information technology (IT) support on a regular basis after hours from home with the approval of the location CEO.

The stipend is $50 monthly.  Installation fees will not be reimbursed to an employee who already has internet access through a personal phone or cable connection.  In cases where an employee does not already have this access, the installation fee can be reimbursed on a one-time basis.  No additional reimbursement would be given later if an employee decides to change service providers or move.


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