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Stipend for Temporary Expanded Duties for Administrators and PSS Staff

HROG Section:
Document Title:
Stipend for Temporary Expanded Duties for Full-time Administrative Staff and Exempt Professional Support Staff
Initial Date Posted:
June 7, 2010
Board Approval:
Applies To:
Administrative Staff
District Human Resources
Related TASB Policy:
Last Date Revised:
July 12, 2010 (Chancellor's Executive Staff) Effective: Immediately May 21, 2012 - Approved at the Chancellor's Staff Meeting on 5/21/12
These guidelines address the process required to recommend a stipend of up to seven percent (7%) of the employees current salary to full-time administrators and/or exempt professional support staff employees who through location necessity are needed to take on duties that are above and beyond their current job description. For example, and Assistant Director of Continuing Education may take on additional duties of the Dean position during the period of time the location conducts a search to fill the vacant Dean position. This process is designed to provide flexibility to the location in maintaining critical function areas while not significantly impacting personnel or having to temporary fill a position through an interim role. Non-Exempt Professional Support Staff employees are not eligible for a Temporary Expanded Duties stipend but rather should be compensated at the appropriate overtime rate when expanded duties require the need for additional hours to be worked.
Temporary Expanded Duties Form - (PDF - 110KB)

Full Text Intranet (PDF - 34KB)


In consultation with the location Human Resources Director and at the discretion of the location CEO, full-time administrator and professional support staff employees may be awarded a stipend of up to seven percent (7%) of their current salary when their current role is temporarily expanded by the addition of duties due to location need.

To institute the stipend, the employee’s supervisor will consult with the location Director of Human Resources and CEO outlining the scope of the need, the projected time frame of the additional duties, and will clearly define the duties noting how they will significantly expand the employee’s current role.

This stipend requires the approval of the location Human Resources Director and the location CEO, who will in turn notify the Chancellor on a regular basis, not less than annually of employees who received the stipend during the current or previous fiscal year.


1. To qualify for a stipend of up to seven percent (7%), the nature of the temporary expanded duties must:

a) Clearly state the need for the stipend at the location (i.e., performing duties during a brief time period due to an employment search).

b) Clearly identify a beginning date and ending date of the assignment, not exceeding August 31 of each year.

c) Not exceed a two-year period in length.

d) Be of a nature that adds significant additional responsibilities and additional time to the employee’s normal and usual workload.

2. In the event the need for the Temporary Expanded Duty Stipend is no longer required for the employee, the stipend will be discontinued. The supervisor is responsible for notifying the location human resources office upon the end date of the stipend if different than agreed upon.

3. The stipend is not counted toward the incumbent’s base salary but is subject to normal and customary payroll deductions.

4. If it is determined the Temporary Expanded Duties are to be encompassed in the employee’s normal job duties and responsibilities, the location will proceed with normal processing for a Reclassification of the employee. Reclassification will be contingent upon the employee’s meeting all minimum requirements as determined through the addition of the expanded duties.

5. Employees receiving release time or compensation for the additional duties being performed (teaching, substitute pay, etc.) are not eligible for the Temporary Expanded Duties Stipend for these duties and responsibilities.

Location HR Role: The location HR Director will provide guidance and direction to hiring supervisors in regards to the use and approval processes for the Temporary Expanded Duty stipends. In addition, they will review the criteria for the TED to assure that consistency of process exists. The location HR Director will carry the TED form to the location CEO and provide feedback as needed in regards to the stipend. They will track employees’ receiving the TED Stipend and will provide the location CEO regular updates regarding TED statuses. The location HR office will work with the District Human Resources office regarding the input and/or abatement of the stipend and will advise District Human Resources as needed for reporting purposes to the Executive Vice Chancellor, Business Affairs and/or the Chancellor regarding employees receiving the Temporary Expanded Duty stipend.

District Human Resources Role: Using the TED Approval form, District Human Resources will input TED stipends into the Colleague System and/or will discontinue the stipend at the conclusion of the project or as directed by the location Human Resources office. In addition, District Human Resources will provide details and reports regarding employees receiving the Temporary Expanded Duty stipend as requested by the Executive Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs and/or the Chancellor and will aid the locations to assure consistency of process and procedure.



Temporary Expanded Duty-specific additional duties or tasks that instill significant additional responsibilities and additional time demands to the day-to-day work of an incumbent (administrator or exempt professional support staff employee) assigned by the location CEO to complete them for a specified period of time. In addition, the lack of the performance of these duties will result in a loss of critical function by the institution.



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