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Contact Human Resources

4343 IH 30
Mesquite, TX 75150

972-860-8914 internal
214-378-1521 external
972-860-4083 jobs

fax: 214-378-1530

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Location Human Resources

The District Human Resources staff provides exceptional internal and external customer service to prospective, current, and retired employees of Dallas County Community College. 

District Human Resources

Internal Services

Benefits 214-378-1507
Compensation 214-378-1507
Criminal Background Check 972-860-8914
Employment 972-860-4083
Payroll 972-860-7984
Website 972-860-8907

External Operations
(Open Records via Legal Counsel, Liason TRS, ERS, ORP,
TSA providers and TWC third-party consultant)

DHR Liason - TRS/ERS 214-378-1501
DHR Board Materials 214-378-1521
DHR Liason - ORP/TSA 214-378-1524
DHR Teacher's Service Records / Employment Verification 214-378-1502
DHR TWC 214-378-1518