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Facilities FP7

As of Sept. 1, 2012.

Salary Yearly Monthly Hourly (40)
$34,289.00 $2,857.42 $16.49

JTC Job Title FLSA
P60 Carpenter II  (PDF - 13KB) N
P63 Coordinator, Custodial/Maintenance Services II (PDF - 14KB) N
TG1 Coordinator of Facilities Services (PDF - 14KB) E
TG8 Coordinator, Facilities Project (PDF - 13KB) E
P75​ HVAC Technician II (PDF - 16KB) ​N
P76 Journeyman Electrician (PDF - 14KB) N
P72 Location Operations/Maintenance Specialist I (PDF - 14KB) N

The Facilities Job Description Schedule is currently under revision.  If you have any questions please contact us by sending an email to

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