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Facilities FP10

As of Sept. 1, 2014

Salary Yearly Monthly Hourly (40)
$4,405.55 $25.42

JTC Job Title FLSA
P91 Associate Director, Energy Management Services (PDF - 20KB) E
​P90 Associate Director, Facilities Maintenance Services (PDF - 21KB) ​E
​P92 Associate Director Facilities Support Services (PDF - 19KB) ​E
P86​ Civil Engineer (E.I.T.) (PDF - 15KB) ​E
P85 Electrical Engineer (E.I.T.) (PDF - 15KB) E
​P87 ​​Facilities Design Specialist/Architectural Intern (PDF - 16KB) ​E
​P88​ Facilities Design Specialist/Interior Design Intern (PDF - 16KB) ​​E

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If you have any questions or problems in regards to the job descriptions, please contact: Esther Mireles-Martinez,, 972-860-8916.