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PSS - Range 9

As of September 1, 2014.

Minimum Mid-Point Maximum
$44,169.00 | $3,680.75 | $21.24 $60,732.00 | $5,061.00 | $29.20 $77,295.00 | $6,441.25 | $37.16

JTC Job Title FLSA
CY5 Assistant Director, Academic Advising (PDF - 20KB) E
CAL Assistant Director, Admissions (PDF - 18KB) E
CE0 Assistant Director, Human Resources (PDF - 19KB) E
EAF Assistant Director, Institutional Research (PDF - 15KB) E
CAK Assistant Director, International Student Services (PDF - 24KB) E
CV4 Assistant to the Vice President of Business Services (PDF - 21KB) E
CG3 Auxiliary Business Services Assistant (PDF - 17KB) E
CBN Awards Management Team Manager (PDF - 18KB) E
TM1 Cable/Broadcast Television Producer (PDF - 19KB) E
CJ1 Career Services Coordinator (PDF - 19KB) E
​CI3 Circulation Supervisor, Library (PDF - 15kB) ​E
CU6 Clinical Coordinator - EMS Program (PDF - 20KB) E
CT5 College Athletic Program Coordinator (PDF - 19KB) E
CPW College Coordinator Instructional Support Services (PDF - 15KB) E
CQ3 College Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator (PDF - 20KB) E
CN9 College Rising Star Program Coordinator (PDF - 21KB)                     E
CBF Content Training Specialist (PDF - 18KB) E
TV2 Coordinator, Continuing Education & Workforce Development (PDF - 15KB) E
TU1 Coordinator, Evening & Weekend Instruction (PDF - 17KB) E
 CAO Coordinator, Visual Media Production Services (PDF - 17KB) E
CU5 District Coordinator, Human & Organizational Development Curriculum Management (PDF - 19KB) E
CBL District Financial Aid Communications Manager (PDF - 18KB) E
TT1 District Financial Aid Coordinator (PDF - 15KB) E
​GAC District Human Resources Employment/Employee Services Coordinator (PDF - 19KB) ​E
CBC District Office Outreach Coordinator (PDF - 17KB) E
T85 District Payroll Accountant (PDF - 99KB) E
C14 Gallery Manager (PDF - 13KB) E
CS2 G.E.D. Chief Examiner (PDF - 90KB) E
CO3 Grant Program Coordinator (PDF - 89KB) E
DAR Graphic Designer III (PDF - 13KB) E
​EAQ Honors Program Coordinator (PDF - 14KB) ​E
CJG Instructional Support Service Manager (PDF - 14KB) E
CPY Instructional Technical Support Coordinator (PDF - 13KB) E
T89 Interpreter I (PDF - 16KB) E
TC6 Legal Assistant (PDF - 16KB) N
CK0 Manager, Business Office (PDF - 15KB) E
DAX Manager Client Management (PDF - 13KB) E
CZ3 Manager, Employment Services (PDF - 22KB) E
EAI Manager, Financial Aid (PDF - 15KB) E
CU9 Manager, Foundation Scholarship Administration (PDF - 21KB) E
CAN Manager, Instructional Support Services (PDF - 18KB) E
CJC Manager, Multimedia Production (PDF - 13KB) E
TT8 Manager, Public Information & Technological Communications (PDF - 19KB) E
CJM Manager of Records and Retention (PDF - 13KB) E
CAT Outreach & Recruitment Communications Specialist (PDF - 18KB) E
​CO2 Publications Manager (PDF - 18KB) ​E
​GAD Purchasing Manager (PDF - 18KB) ​E
CAV RCHS Assistant Director, Admissions (PDF - 18KB) E
​CAW RCHS Attendance Coordinator (PDF - 18KB) E
CAX RCHS Response to Intervention Coordinator (PDF - 18KB) E
CAY RCHS Senior Academic Advisor (PDF - 18KB) E
​GAF Sales and Solutions Specialist (PDF - 18KB) ​E
T47 Senior Accountant (PDF - 18KB) E
NE1 Senior Administrative Assistant (PDF - 22KB) E
CX5 Senior College Degree Audit Specialists (PDF - 20KB) E
DAV Senior Coordinator, Instructional Labs (PDF - 14KB) E
TJ5 Senior Program Development Specialist (PDF - 18KB) E
DAJ Small Business Advisor (PDF - 15KB) E
CF3 Special Assistant to the Vice President (PDF - 18KB) E
DAA Student Tracking and Reporting Manager (PDF - 18KB) E
TD1 Supervisor, Nursing Lab Coordinator (PDF - 17KB) E
TR9 Team Leader, Educational Resources (PDF - 18KB) E
CF2 Tech Prep Program Specialist (PDF - 18KB) E


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