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PSS - Range 8

As of September 1, 2014.

Minimum Mid-Point Maximum
$39,246.00 | $3,270.50 | $18.87 $53,964.00 | $4,497.00 | $25.95 $68,682.00 | $5,723.50 | $33.02

JTC Job Title FLSA
CC5 Accountant II (PDF - 14KB) E
NA1 Accounts Payable Coordinator (PDF - 13KB) N
TE5 Assistant to Director of Teleconferencing (PDF - 14KB) E
CYC Associate Coordinator, Media Support Services (PDF - 12KB) E
CA8 Associate, Director College Financial Aid (PDF - 14KB) E
CJ0 Associate Registrar II (PDF - 14KB) E
CBQ Awards Management Team Specialist (PDF - 18KB) E
TM5 Benefits Accountant (PDF - 16KB) E
DAP Buyer II (PDF - 13KB) E
CN8 College Athletic Program Assistant (PDF - 15KB) N
TWO College Planning/Development Information Coordinator (PDF - 31KB) E
DAC College Staff Development Specialist (PDF - 15KB) E
CBP Compliance & Quality Assurance Specialist (PDF - 18KB) E
CJE Computer Lab Coordinator (PDF - 11KB) E
C13 Continuing Education & Workforce Coordinator (PDF - 14KB) E
TH3 Coordinator, Academic Advising (PDF - 14KB) E
CPT Coordinator of Clinical/Health Labs (PDF - 13KB) E
TR2 Coordinator, Instructional Labs (PDF - 15KB) E
TC9​ Coordinator, Nursing Lab (PDF - 15KB) ​E
CU7 Coordinator, Outreach & Recruitment (PDF - 18KB) E
T44 Coordinator, Parent/Child Study Center (PDF - 93KB) E
CAZ Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction Program (PDF - 15KB) E
CAR Curriculum Management Specialist II (PDF - 18KB) E
C16 Distance Education Instructional Applications Integration Specialist (PDF - 13KB) E
​CQA District Financial Aid Support II (PDF - 19KB) ​N
CB8 District Research Associate (PDF - 14KB) N
CR8 District Transcript Evaluator II (PDF - 13KB) N
CX8 Enrollment Services Representative (PDF - 15KB) E
TQ4 Faculty/Special Program Instructor III (PDF - 14KB) E
CBZ Financial Aid Specialist (PDF - 29KB) E
DAF Grant Compliance Specialist (PDF - 296KB) E
CE4 Graphic Designer II - (PDF - 13KB) E
DAK Health Programs Compliance Coordinator (PDF - 18KB) E
CF4 Human Resources Analyst (PDF - 14KB) E
CR9 Human Resources Specialist IV (PDF - 14KB) N
CPZ Instructional Applications Integration Coordinator (PDF - 13KB) E
TQ1 Instructional Specialist III (PDF - 14KB) E
CU2 Instructional Technology Facilitator (PDF - 14KB) E
T40​ Internal Auditor I (PDF 15KB) E​​
CZ9 International Small Business Counselor (PDF - 18KB) E
CL1 International Student Coordinator (PDF - 15KB) N
CBM Loan Default Aversion Specialist (PDF - 18KB) N
TT6 Marketing and Advertising Coordinator (PDF - 13KB) E
CG5 Multimedia Graphics Designer (PDF - 13KB) Y
CM7 Natatorium Supervisor (PDF - 13KB) E
CS3 Program Services Coordinator (PDF - 15KB) E
   CY3 Ranch Manager/Herdsman (PDF - 22KB) N
CO1 Research Associate II (PDF - 14KB) N
CW1 Retention Services Coordinator (PDF - 13KB) E
CR4 Risk Management Analyst (PDF - 15KB) E
CL2​ Senior Academic Advisor (PDF - 16KB) E​
CAM​ Senior Academic Advisor - Campus High School (PDF - 36KB) ​E
CAJ Senior Coordinator, Health Occupations Admissions (PDF - 15KB) N
​CJO Senior Marketing Information Specialist (PDF - 16KB) ​E
CD8 Senior Editor (PDF - 13KB) E
TV3 Senior Executive Assistant (PDF - 13KB) N
CV7 Senior Head Athletic Coach (PDF - 14KB) E
CK7 Senior Rehabilitation Specialist (PDF - 15KB) E
​CBX Social Media and Marketing Coordinator (PDF - 16KB) ​E
​EAU​ ​​Sr. College Financial Aid Advisor (PDF - 17KB ​E
​DAW Sr. Coordinator, Allied Health and Simulation Lab (PDF - 14KB) ​E
EAA​ ​Sr. Coordinator, Nursing Lab (PDF - 17KB) ​E
C11​ Sr. Coordinator, Science Learning Laboratory (PDF - 13KB) E​
​CO0 Student Life Office Coordinator (PDF 15KB) N​
CV9 Technical Theatre Coordinator (PDF - 19KB) E
TU7 Telecommunications Marketing Coordinator II (PDF - 15KB) E
CV5 Transfer Services Specialist II (PDF - 92KB) E
CBS Veterans Affairs Coordinator (PDF - 18KB) E

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